Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Narwhal Party

My daughter asked for a narwhal party and I'm not going to lie, it was a little harder than I expected. Apparently there isn't much out there for narwhal party themes yet. I struggled to find ideas and examples for this theme, so we made it up as we went. Which turned out to be a lot of fun!

I didn't go crazy on decorations, here is what I found/ came up with.

These are the balloons we found (which just so happened to come with a mermaid one as well that will work perfect for my other daughter who wants a mermaid party πŸ‘)

 I got all the guests narwhal Ty beanie boos as party favors instead of favor bags with a bunch of silly garbage toys that will break in two minutes. I found them at local craft stores and used their 40% off coupons (yes, I made lots of trips- luckily there are some near my kids school πŸ˜‚). So really, I didn't spend much more on a quality toy than I would have on party favor bags.

We got our cake from Okay, so that's not a real place πŸ˜‰. My husbands mother just has an amazing talent for cake decorating. I can tell her ideas of what I would like and she is amazing at putting them together. She did a great job on the cake!

But seriously, How cute is that cake!

My husband made the lemonade stand years ago for my youngest daughters lemonade party and I use it every chance I can think of. I love decorating it for different occasions. The netting on it we purchased at a local dollar tree years ago.

For the Background we used a few streamer colors taped to the wall. I thought it turned out really cute and the best part was it didn't cost much.

We also had a pinata  that the kids had a lot of fun with.

I recently found a few more items that would have been soo cute! like these hats, platesparty kit, and photo booth props.

There you have it! I hope this helps you in your search for party ideas!


Momma Koyle
Monday, December 30, 2019

Nursery Reveal

I am exited to announce we have FINALLY finished putting our little mans nursery together! He may be over 5 months new, but his room is finally ready. I will put links to items at the end. If I missed something feel free to message me and I will find you a link 😘. 


To be honest his room turned out nothing like how I had imagined or planned, but I love it sooo much more! 


Momma Koyle
Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Holiday Dress Round Up

We often get asked where we get our girls dresses so I thought a quick simple holiday dress round up would be a good idea.

These are the dresses we have gotten this year, as well as some of our favorites from the last couple of years.

Presley Couture
Presley Couture has the cutest pinafore dresses in lots of fun colors! These can be worn dressed up for church or down for everyday adventures. We love these fun styles and get SOOOO many compliments when the girl go out in these.

Old Navy
This is a newer version of last years dresses we own. I love that they are more casual and we pair them with leggings. Old Navy also sells another cute red buffalo check style that is slightly fancier but it must be sold out online because it wont let me link it.

We got K this style. In store they had a coordinating one with a black top that my younger 2 girls have to go with it. These are perfect for your really fancy church or formal style holiday dresses.

A couple of other of online stores we also love and have gotten in the past are the Remie Girl and Alice & Ames twirl dresses.

I hope that this helps you in your holiday dress shopping! Feel free to message me with any questions!


Momma Koyle
Thursday, November 14, 2019

Newborn Photoshoot

You know I LOVE photos so of course I had to do a newborn photoshoot, I spent a lot of time searching for newborn photographers within our budget and I loved the one I went with. Instead of over spamming your instagram with a million newborn pics I figured I would do a blog post! I am just a little over 3 months late in posting said post πŸ˜‚ But here they are. I love how they turned out!

I love how his newborn photos turned out. I wish I could afford to do 5 newborn photo shoots πŸ˜‚. I always love to have sibling pics for the walls too. I never want to forget the way he looked and his cute fuzzy little hair. It is still amazing to me how much he has already changed since we got these. 

I hope you enjoyed all this baby cuteness as much as I did.


Momma Koyle 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Pulmonary Embolism/ Birth story

I know it's been a while since I have done a blog post. With pregnancy sickness,  a pulmonary embolism, and having a newborn, blogging was left on the back burner. I am hoping to get back into blogging with my health being a bit better.

I have had a lot of requests to post about my birth story and I have been putting it off. Partially because I have wanted to forget it. But I decided to go ahead and write it in case it helps just one of you.

During my pregnancy I was constantly tired and out of breath to the point where I couldn't even grocery shop. People would tell me it was because I was expecting a boy, and boys were harder than girls to carry. My first doctor kept telling me that "This was my fourth pregnancy",  "I was getting older" (I am 31πŸ™„), and "My body wasn't what it used to be."

I knew something was off and I was told back when I had my last daughter that it wasn't recommend to have another kid because of my window during the last c section (they could see her face before they took her out while they were operating). I knew I was already a high risk and my doctor didn't seem to care about any of my concerns. I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to switch doctors.

The day after I switched doctors was the day I had my first, smaller attack. I was letting the dogs out of their kennel and I bent over to open the latch. I must have lost air while bending because I lightly coughed then I felt like I couldn't breathe. When I stood up to try to breathe better I felt light headed. My breathing got harder, I was sweating, and my heart was beating fast. I waited a few minutes then drove myself to the doctors office where they did blood work and told me nothing looked off. They sent me home telling me to drink more water and take it easy.

A few days later I was doing laundry and bent over to grab/ sort through dirty clothes the kids had thrown on the floor. The same thing happened where I must have lost air again, coughed, and this time when I stood up to try to breath better it was worse. I was hyperventilating, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, and I felt like I couldn't breath. I thought I was going to pass out.

I was standing in the doorway and I remember saying "Dear God, Please help me," as I grabbed the door frame and tried to help lower myself to the ground before I fell. I laid there on the ground unable to move, unable to speak, sweating, with my heart pounding. I felt like I couldn't get air and had to tell myself that if I was hyperventilating then I was still breathing. I remember laying there trying to stay awake, scared that if I went unconscious I wouldn't wake up. I was home alone with my 4 year old and I was terrified that I was going to die and she would be home alone to find me.

I had my phone on me and thought about trying to call 911. I thought that if I called and I couldn't talk they could trace my call and find me. I didn't end up calling because I was in my underwear (the reason why I was doing laundry haha) and I didn't want to be seen on a stretcher in my underwear by my neighbors. πŸ˜‚ Apparently my priorities are a bit offπŸ˜‚. Luckily My husband had taken the day off work to put new flooring in before the baby came. He had just dropped the kids off at school and was running errands nearby. I waited to call him until I felt I could get a few words out, which felt like an eternity (my husband gets really annoyed when he can't hear what I'm saying). Through heavy breaths I was able to get out "Get- Home- Now".

He called the OB office where the nurse told him that it was normal to pass out during pregnancy and to help me to bed so I could rest- it is never normal to pass out when pregnant! He carried me to bed because I couldn't move. I couldn't sleep the whole day. Eventually I was able to walk. While sitting on the couch I could see my heart beating in my chest through my clothes. I called my mother in law who told me to go to the local store to use their blood pressure machine. My blood pressure was normal, however my BPM was 140, which wasn't even on the picture scale. We knew something was off and decided to go in to labor and delivery.

Luckily the on call doctor immediately thought she knew what it was and ordered a bunch of testing. They wanted to have us take a CT scan and told us it would not effect the baby. When we were down in the CT room they wanted us to sign a form that said we knew it could be harmful to the baby so we refused. We told the on call doctor we wanted to wait for the other tests first and we would see from there if we really needed to have the CT scan. After having a heart ultrasound and a couple other tests, a second doctor told us they think they know what it is but without this CT scan they cant be sure. Then he said "If you don't get this test and we can't tell if it is what we think it is, you will die."

SOOOOO we got the CT scan and found that I had a pulmonary embolism. We also learned that it was in the worst spot it could be in. right in the T blocking 75% of my airway to BOTH my lungs and it was one of the worst cases those doctors had seen. I was told I was lucky to be alive and people who have what I have don't just walk into the hospital, they show up in an ambulance getting CPR.

I stayed in the ICU for a few days and then in antepartum the remainder of the week till my rates went down enough to go home. I was put on blood thinners that were through shots, which was the only safe option I could take while pregnant. Needles are my biggest fear and I had to learn how to give myself shots 2x a day.

I lived in fear the rest of my pregnancy. The anesthesiologist called and while asking me questions he warned me that I had a much higher chance of not waking up with my heart condition.😳 My OB made sure I was monitored weekly where I learned that I was having regular contractions. During my first monitor apt the nurse asked me did you feel that? I replied "Yes! He keeps stretching. He's running out of room." "No, Those are contractions' she said, "and they are pretty consistent." the contractions went on for months (I was told I have a high pain tolerance).

My new doctor kept playing the safety game. Trying to balance between when the baby would be safe enough to be delivered and how long I could safely wait before delivery. At 32 weeks I was being monitored 2 times a week. At 36 weeks I made a comment during monitoring about how much my right rib hurt from him constantly kicking. The nurse asked me a few new questions I was never asked before. I don't remember them all but I do remember being asked if I was seeing stars. I told her I don't know about stars, but at times I see little firefly looking things flying around. Which is apparently a sign of preeclampsia, along with pain under the right rib. I had multiple signs of preeclampsia along with my previous c section scar burning (tearing was the original safety problem we thought we would have if we had another child).

We came back the next day to see if I had dilated more than the previous day. I had. Which meant that the contractions and other complications were starting to do something labor wise. I was told they would be taking the baby out that day.

I had to have an artery line in addition to 2 IVs. (Artery line was extremely painful) I wasn't able to have a regular c section because I could not have the spinal. With my blood issues the risk of bleeding and becoming paralyzed was to high. I had to be put to sleep. I woke up in so much pain because I couldn't have the pain meds either. All I remember is I was in pain and told I had a baby boy somewhere with my husband in NICU and I didn't even know what he looked like. No picture, nothing. I was put in ICU while my baby was in NICU. It wasn't until many hours later that I even got to see a picture of him. I was told he was ok but he couldn't come to me and I couldn't go to him. I didn't see him for almost 2 days.

When I finally got to meet him I cried. I was so grateful he was here safe and that I didn't have to worry about getting him here safely because of my health issues anymore. They put us in antepartum because the nurse to patient ratio was higher and we could be monitored better. I stayed in the hospital a total of 8 days. Throughout my hospital stay I kept having what I later learned were panic attacks with uncontrollable shaking, teeth chattering, hyperventilating ect. My baby was released before me, but was able to stay in the hospital with me as long as there was another person there too (aka my husband wasn't allowed to leave πŸ˜‚)

We have been home a while. My baby is here safe. He is the sweetest thing and he is thriving. He was only born 3.5 weeks early and thanks to the steroid injections they gave me he did extremely well.

The whole experience was one I hope none of you have to endure. I tried to stay positive but I still lived in fear. I had written letters to my husband and kids in case I died, including one to my baby if he made it and I didn't. I put them in a sealed envelope in my drawer for my husband to find later just in case I didn't make it.  Those were the hardest letters I have ever written. How do you write someone you love 1 little letter to let them know you love them, to know your hopes and desires for them, things you hope they never forget?

There is a part of me that feels sad that I didn't get an ideal birthing situation and it took so long for me to meet him, but in the end my baby arrived here safe. And that is what really matters. I am so grateful for the medical staff that caught what was happening. I am still on blood thinners and my body is still fighting the clot. It may be something I have to be medicated for for the rest of my life, but things are much better. I am still taking things easy which usually consists of letting the house get destroyed while I snuggle my baby πŸ˜‚


Momma Koyle

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kids Surprise Disney Bags

We are planning a trip to Disneyland for the first time ever and the girls have no idea. I plan on giving the girls bags filled with Disney gear and surprising them just before we leave. I have talked a little bit about it on my INSTAGRAM, and I have been asked to share what I have found for the girls for our trip.

I am going to start out by being very honest. I am told I am cheapπŸ˜‚, but when we are spending soooo much money to go to Disneyland, I would prefer not to pay high prices for souvenirs in the park. My hope is that by finding these items for less before hand we can save a little and the kids can use their money towards something they might really like that is not so common. But I guess only time will tell what they choose.

I splurged on bags. I got the girls THESE little pink bags like mine that they have been really wanting already on a 50% off sale. I was considering gifting them for Christmas but decided to wait and put their Disney goodies inside the bags. The bags will hold all of their gear.

Disney shirts are a big thing! However, I didn't want to pay a lot for tops so after looking around I found the girls THESE minnie tshirts, THIS top for myself, and my husbands top HERE

Minney Mouse Ear Headbands
I think those Minnie Mouse ear headbands are the cutest things! But not cute enough to pay $30 each for them. Maybe if I only had one daughter, but I have 3... THAT WOULD BE $90 IN HEADBANDS! Plus I am pretty sure there is a good chance that not all 3 will make it home in one piece. I searched on Etsy and found TONS of amazing high quality Minnie Mouse ear headbands. They also have ones that you can create your own! The ones I found and fell in love with (which are just as stinking cute as the ones at the park) were only $10! Yes, that is correct. I got all 3 Minnie ear head bands for $30 and saved $60. My only regret is not getting a fun pair for myself.

Stuffed Characters
Other popular Disney souvenir are stuffed characters. While I have a feeling my kids may still want more of these, I went ahead and got them each a main character plush. I was able to grab them on sale at the Disney store online for only $6 each. I asked the girls if they had favorite characters and got them each the ones they said.  Mickey, Minnie,  & Daisy.

Princess Dresses
I have zero intentions of paying $200 for the Bippity Boppity Boutique to get my kids hair in a bun and a new princess dress.
1. I have 3 girls 3 x $200= $600 No thanks.
2. I am a hairstylist and I can put my own kids hair in a bun for free.
3. There are so many cute princess dresses that cost less.
I actually let my girls look through and pick out their princess dresses that they wanted. They don't know they are for a Disney trip they were just excited for a new dress up dress. My middle daughter picked a villain costume and I have to say that I love that she did haha. These are the dresses they chose.
K's dress, Mikki's villain, LuLu's dress

Yes, We got new swimsuits for Disney in the winter but hear me out. I'm pretty sure the pools are heated and THESE swimsuits scream Minnie Mouse! Are they not the perfect swimsuits for Disneyland?! I am obsessed. Plus we swim almost everyday during the summer so I could not pass these up!

Pins and Lanyards
Apparently pin trading is a big deal. I am glad I asked what I should know about Disney on Instastories because I had never heard of pin trading but it was the most popular response I got. I was also told by many people to purchase my pins in advance on ebay (make sure to buy from someone who has a return option because if they don't have the correct Disney markings they wont be able to trade them). I found the girls cute Disney lanyards at Partycity online for $1 each! K's (My little star wars kid πŸ˜‚), Mikki's, LuLu's

I plan on recording them opening their bags and telling them we are leaving for Disneyland NOW! I am beyond excited to take the girls for the first time!


Momma Koyle 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

GIrls Gift guide

I thought I would share a quick and simple holiday gift guide with you in case you were still looking for Christmas gift ideas. I could go on all day about fun little trinkets but these are the items that my girls have specifically asked for.

Lego Friends- My girls love Legos! They aren't too picky. I could get them any set and they would be happy. Legos are one thing my kids consistently play with all year round.

Scruff a luv- This is the one thing my kids did not actually ask for but one of my friends told me about it for her daughter and I thought I needed to get one too. Basically it is a sad ratted mess of a ball. You adopt it, bathe it, brush it, and show a  little TLC to discover what your animal is.
Barbie Jeep- My youngest is dying for a barbie jeep. NOT a car, a jeep. She is very specific. πŸ˜‚

Pomsies- I don't even know if my daughter knows what this does. She just saw it in an ad and has been dead set on it ever since. After investigating I found it to be a modern day Furbie like toy.

Tamagotchis- I remember playing with these (and the Giga pets) as a kid so when I saw these I knew I had to get some for the kids. I got them some green ones when Toys R us was going out of business. However, Amazon has some that are a lot cuter than the ones I got lol.

LOL doll - My girls currently only have one of these each (most because I am cheap and they are so expensive for the tiny dolls) but they keep asking for more. I chatted with Santa and I think there's a good chance he might be adding one of them to each of their stockings. But I'm just gonna throw out that the 3 pack at Target works nicely for my 3 kids 😜

Fuzzy socks-  One thing my girls got from me was my love of fuzzy socks. None of us like to be cold and there's not much better than being bundled up and having cozy socks on. These are usually on sale for $1 each at Old Navy on black Friday. I haven't checked if they will be this year so don't hold me to that price.

 Polly Pockets- I remember telling my friends a couple months ago how much I wished they would come out with Polly Pockets because I loved them as a kid. I even went as far as checking ebay to get some vintage ones for the girls, but the ebay prices were steep. I was sooooo excited when they brought them back. (Seriously, every birthday party the girls have been invited to we've been giving these as gifts) were getting the pink flamingo and the yellow sandcastle.

 Kikilu Bags- My girls love my back pack bags (as they call them). They have little purses but they really want a back pack bag. Kikilu just came out with some adorable mini bags in black, grey, and pink!

 There you have it. My list of items that the girls have been asking for this year. I may be living through them this Christmas as I give them all my favorite childhood toys...I wonder if they will let me play along with them. 😊


Momma Koyle