Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November is here!

Have you ever heard the saying that holidays are more fun when you are a parent. You get to watch the excitement vs being a kid and being excited your self. I would totally agree. Being a parent and helping create those exciting moments is far better! 

We had so much fun at the local pumpkin patch playing just before Halloween. We played in the corn pits, raced petal cars, pet the animals,  rode on the tractor ride. You know, all that fun farm stuff.

We also had the best Halloween EVER last night! It was the warmest year we have had as parents, it didn't rain, no one cried. It was fantastic! The baby could walk and participate on her own and the older kids totally knew the routine! We thought we were going to be be without Daddy for trick or treating cuz he had a mandatory test in school (seriously what night class has a mandatory test on Halloween?! RUDE!!!) But he finished early and was able to meet us half way through our neighborhood. The baby waved to and said hi to just about every person that walked by, and she called bye at least 10 times to the person at the door as we left each house. The girls were excited and they had a blast.
 (Don't worry they were layered in warmer clothes before we went out)

Part of me is a little sad that October is over but I'm looking forward to November. I feel like most people skip over November and go from Halloween to Christmas. I personally think November is a fantastic month. I love the idea of being thankful for what you have. I feel like it is the perfect month and attitude to prepare us for the Christmas Spirit. 

I am so grateful for my family. I'm thankful I have a wonderful husband who works hard and provides for our family so that I can stay home with my littles and focus on them. I am thankful for my sweet little girls who fill my world with crazy pink chaos. I am thankful for a home of our own with a roof over our heads. I am thankful for a school where our children can learn and grow.  And I am thankful for a church where we can all learn, grow, and serve others.  

We are so blessed, We may not have it all, but together we have everything we need. 


Momma Koyle 

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