Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday Mornings

I am not a morning person. No one in our family is. We go to church at 9 am, which one might think shouldn't be too bad, but it is.

We get full blown tantrums, tears, breakdowns. EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY! I literally wrestle my children into their clothes as they scream "NO! I don't want to go!"

Don't worry, this isn't just happening on Sundays. This often happened on school days as well, but somehow Sundays just seems so much worse than the rest of the week.

 There is a difference between getting your kids ready for school, and getting them ready for church. When we get ready for school I only need to get my kids ready, I may or may not have turned into the mother that drops her kids off in her pjs, but you will never know. The only witness is the kid who opens our door to let my kids out.

On weekdays it doesn't matter if my husband has slept past his alarm or is taking the longest shower ever, because he does his own thing. We don't have to share a ride.

I am not innocent either. For some reason Sundays seem so much harder to wake up for than any other day of the week.

We have tried to do things to make Sunday mornings easier. We do our Saturday night routine, make sure they are bathed, clothes picked out, everything is ready to go. Somehow it never works out. The outfit picked from the previous night just doesn't work for them the next day. All of a sudden they hate that dress, and they don't understand why they can't wear their Disney princess dress. (I've been tempted to let them, just so we are not late, but my husband stands firmer on this battle LOL)

 Maybe I have high expectations. Thoughts of going to church, being on time with everyone fully dressed, having my kids sit quietly so my husband and I can listen to what is being said during the meeting. But that is not us. We are often in the hallway, multiple times during the meeting. Sometimes we just plan on sitting in the hallway because we know that's where we will eventually end up.

On top of all that it's hard to find motivation to get up and go to a new church because we moved and we don't know anyone. It doesn't help that the majority of people in our meeting time could be our grandparent. Moving is hard and my children miss their friends. I've made multiple attempts to create friendships, and invite people over, or go out (My kids and I are social people) but it's still doesn't feel like home yet. I'm sure it will just take some time.

Don't get me wrong, we don't go to church to socialize, but sometimes its nice to fit in and feel a part of church.

We really are blessed, we are grateful to be able to go to church and worship. We do feel better after going to church. It's the morning prep that get us.

 Next year our church time will be 2 hours later. I'm VERY grateful for that.

Oh, and if anyone has some ideas or input on how to make Sunday mornings run smoother with kids, I am all ears!


Momma Koyle 

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