Monday, November 21, 2016


We went swimming! 

My kids have been begging me to go swimming since our neighborhood pool closed. 
For some reason it took me forever to figure out that we should look at going to an indoor pool. Honestly, it wasn't my idea. A friend brought up the idea of going to a local community pool after my daughters asked if she could go swimming, AGAIN, in front of her. It was a genius idea. 

Unfortunately, we suited up once before to find out there was a swim meet and we couldn't use the pool. I learned my lesson and called ahead the day of. We were good to go! 

My kids were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. I didn't get a single picture of them looking at me. They would not take their eyes off the pool.

 Baby girl cried when we started going to the lockers because she was positive I was taking her away from the "wader" in the window, where she was watching as I paid. But once we got in there she was happy as a clown. All she cared about was relaxing and floating around in her little life jacket. As long as nobody touched her she was happy (I was always nearby of course).

My kids were so happy they told me I was "the bestest mom in the whole wide world." 
It's the little things in life that make kids happy 😂

So, if you have a nearby indoor pool or YMCA nearby go check them out!  


Momma Koyle 

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