Monday, November 14, 2016

Yeah for Friends and Birthdays!

We got our first birthday invite!

Well, the party was last week but they loved it.

We recently moved within the last few months. I was nervous about moving and our kids finding new friends. Every parent wants their child to do well and have have friends to play with. I'm really glad to see that they have been finding little friends nearby and at school.

K (our oldest daughter) made a friend with a girl that goes to both school and church with her. Her friend invited both my older 2 girls to her birthday party. It was super cute. My daughter picked out a gift for her and the girls could not stop talking about the party the whole week leading up to it. K picked  her outfit ahead of time and had to wear her purple flower hair clip. They were so excited!

They had a blast and now they are telling me about all the cool things they want to do for their birthday parties lol. Good thing I have a while because they think they are having quite the party of the year lol


Momma Koyle 

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