Friday, December 9, 2016

Its December!!!

Thanksgiving is over, like many of you we spent time with lots of family and ate too much food.

I let my girls wear their new twirly dresses HERE and braided their hair. We spent the majority of the day dancing and twirling in circles while preparing for thanksgiving dinner.


I actually really liked having the girls dress up for thanksgiving. First of all, they would wear a dress or skirt over jeans any day. Second, I feel like most people don't get dressed up for much of anything anymore and sometimes its just lots of fun to dress up! I was a little nervous about letting them wear their new dresses and getting them dirty, but they did really well!

It's now December and we put up our tree. Technically, I still put the tree up the night before Thanksgiving, but I feel like people get into the Christmas spirit Waaay early which makes me feel like I'm slacking. haha.

I decided to let the girls have their own mini tree they can decorate. That way they would leave my big tree alone. So far it hasn't worked haha.

Baby girl also helped me run some errands and deliver some packages!

 Sadly we have not gotten any snow days yet but next week looks like there will be lots of snow so hopefully then.

I have kinda fallen in love with the boomerang app on instagram and this adorable mini video of my littles dancing in the snow!

Also I got a new camera phone so my pictures should start looking better from here out!


Momma Koyle 

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