Thursday, November 30, 2017

Little Girl Gift Guide (Small Shop)

As you know I have 3 little girls so I am always looking into all things girlie for gifts. I found some great gift ideas and thought I would share! (sorry boy moms lol)

Here are a few items I found and love. Enjoy!

1. Pretend Play Makeup
-The kind that is 100% mess free. If you watch my Instagram stories you know that my youngest wont stay out of my makeup. I am planning on getting the girls some play makeup HERE that they can play with instead of mine.

2. Felt Ball Necklaces
My kids LOVE to accessorize but they aren't always gentle on their accessories. I really like THESE felt ball necklaces. They even make dolly and me matching sets!

3. Dresses
Its no secret that my kids love dresses. I found some awesome holiday dresses HERE and HERE. The festive colors might be great before Christmas gift to wear through the season, but both locations have lots of fun colors for anytime.

4. Felt Play Food
I love THIS little felt food shop! I personally prefer felt or wooden playfood. They last us much longer than the cheap plastic and THESE handmade ones are just tooo cute!

5. Long Sleeve Dance Leotards
My girls already have THESE ones and they have been wearing them already (since its so cold here) but they would make a fantastic gift! There are other styles and colors and they are all priced really well.

I hope these helped give you an idea or two for a fun gift idea for your little girl! Happy Holidays!


Momma Koyle 
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mommy and Me Photos

If you are following me on Instagram you have probably noticed that I love getting pictures done. I am a huge fan of family photos and photos of the girls.  I never pass up an opportunity to get photos done when I can.

My husband, however, is not always as thrilled to get photos done. That is one of the reasons I decided it would be a great idea to do a fun little mommy and me photoshoot with the girls.

We had so much fun. I had them wear their twirly dresses and I found a fun dress to coordinate that I could get a little twirl out of too! I may or may not be slightly jealous of all the girls fun twirling that they are always doing 😂 I had to get in on some of that action.

Here are our photos!

And I love a Photographer that can face swap or move people if needed, like this picture here. Now it's perfect for the gram 😉 


I highly recommend doing a mommy and me photo shoot with your kids. It was the first time I did one with my girls and we really enjoyed it! Plus Daddy got a break... until our next family photos. Let's be honest. He isn't completely off the hook from pictures 😜


Momma Koyle 
Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

My girls love to bake! It's one of our favorite inside activities to do together. They get to measure, mix, and create something tasty from a few small ingredients. They love seeing their finished products and they love to share treats with friends. Sharing treats is one way I have tried to teach my children to think of and serve others in a way they can understand.

I am no Betty Crocker, but I totally use her cake mixes. I like simple and easy baking. For this I used a devils food cake mix box and the Hersheys milk chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the bag. (Super original, I know. )

*Cake mix (I used Betty Crocker this time, but I have also used Pillsbury and they both turn out delicious) PLUS eggs, oil, water, Ect ( The extras the box you are using calls for)

*Hersheys Milk Chocolate Chips and all the ingredients used to make those cookies. I LOVE milk chocolate.
-You can totally use any chocolate chip cookie recipe or even the premade cookie dough.

Since I stick to boxes and a popular Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I wont be going into details on those.

1. Make Chocolate chip cookie dough -Whatever recipe or premade cookie dough you choose.

2. Mix chocolate cake recipe ( We like Betty Crocker or Pillsbury).

3. Pour chocolate cake mixture into cupcake pan with cupcake liners.

4. Roll the chocolate chip cookie dough into tablespoon sized balls and drop them into the cupcake batter.

5. Bake cupcakes according to cake box directions.

6. Use left over cookie dough to bake cookies according to your chocolate chip cookie recipe.

7. Let cool and Frost. If you like you can break apart a cookie and add it to the top for a decoration. You can also crumple some cookies over the top of the frosting for another fun look.

When you bite into the cupcake you will have a yummy ball of (cooked) chocolate chip cookie in the center!

There you have it! Simple and easy to make chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes! Something fun and easy for kids to help make. Enjoy!


Momma Koyle 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Now that the older girls are back in school I am trying to work on one of my New Years Goals. Blogging more often. Some of my favorite things to write about are my favorite things, who knew. 😂

With that here are a few of my favorite things this lovely Friday!

1. It is no secret that we love dresses at this house. My kids prefer dresses over pants any day of the week. Recently I found this new company Jellabee and they have some adorable dresses!

2. Remie Girl is another one of our favorite shops for our girls dresses, but did you know they currently have leos right now too?! They are the cutest and you definitely need to check them out!

3.Who doesn't love donuts?! We are obsessed over here! When I found this shirt I knew we had to get it!

4.We mostly get the girls clothing online and try to support small shops, but we do love to do some nearby shopping as well. While back to school shopping we found these biker jackets. I am looking forward to it getting a little cooler so the girls can wear them. Plus our neighbor said he will let the girls take pics with his motorcycle 😂😎

5.Grandma likes to spoil the girls when she comes to visit. This time Grandma came got them the cutest cowgirl boots! The girls are obsessed! The boots also come in brown but you know my girls were all about the pink. Ha Ha.

Check out some of my friends Friday favorites with


Momma Koyle 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BOHO Family Photos

I have received a lot of comments and questions about our family photos we just did with Anja Stoll so I decided to do a blog post answering some of your questions and sharing some of my favorite pictures.

Anja and I chatted about picture ideas. I knew I wanted a certain look. I wanted a boho style photoshoot with a white dress for me and cute little boho dresses for the girls. I explained what I had in mind and Anja had the same pinterest photo ideas saved for our photoshoot as I did! That's when I knew we were on the same page and this photoshoot was going to be just what I wanted.

I got a ton of questions and comments about our outfits. Okay, so mostly the girls outfits lol Cuz lets face it, they are the cutest ones and make these pictures. 
The girls outfits were from Lele for Kids. You can find their exact outfits HERE 
Their cute flower hair clips are from Aves and Maddie
My dress was from Neesees. I don't see my white dress in stock on their site at the moment but the same dress in cream is HERE 
I'm not sure the details on my husbands 😂 
If you are reallllly interested in his message me and I can find it out for you haha.  

Normally I have a nice list of pictures I want to try to recreate that I have seen on a pinterest board ect. This time, however, I cared more about the style (boho) and I just went with it. I let Anja pose us and play around. I knew she had a good idea of what I was looking for and I felt like I could trust her ideas... I mean, we had the same pinterest photos, so I knew I was good 😂. My husband even made a shocked comment asking where my packet of poses was lol. I did have one pose I knew that I wanted as a general pose idea of the girls. And I am soooo glad that we did it. It is my new favorite picture of the girls. (see below)

I also try to make sure we get a variety of pictures. I like to get a few different family poses. Usually a couple serious and some fun playful pictures. I always try to get a few sister poses. Because those are usually my favorites. An individual of each child. And a couples photo. I think couples photos get overlooked far to often and it's kinda sad to me. I mean, my husband came before my kids and he is the reason I have my kids. So, I kinda like him... most days 😉

Here are some more of our highlight pictures. Which is what I know most of you came here for anyways 😉 



Thanks for viewing my family photos!

If you have any other questions you want me to answer feel free to message me! I try to keep up on my messages and I love hearing from you guys!


Momma Koyle