Monday, January 2, 2017

Our Christmas!

This was such a great Christmas year! We had our first Christmas morning together with just our little family in our entire marriage, and I got to play Santa. It was great! I know it sounds weird but I've never REALLY gotten to play Santa for my kids. I loved it.

I ordered these super cute 24 hr play dress? nightgowns for the girls and I here
and I found Dustin's fun pjs on amazon. He was so thrilled. He just loves matching/ coordinating with us girls 😂

We baked cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Painted our toenails to match our night gowns!

 Then once the girls went to bed I brought the wrapped presents down stairs and stared at the tree  until I knew they were asleep so I could bring out the Santa gifts

Christmas morning was fantastic! We woke up and did our Santa gifts/ stockings, went to early morning church (so grateful for the time change in the new year), and came home to let the girls open their gifts. We all played together with their toys and had some quality fun time, then we prepped for Dustin's family to come over for Christmas dinner.

Christmas is so much more fun when you are an adult! It is 100 times better to watch the Christmas magic through the eyes of your children! Especially when they are so excited about everything, including underwear and socks.😂

I hope your holiday was perfect! Merry Christmas from our family to yours


Momma Koyle 

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