Tuesday, March 14, 2017

10 Fun Free or Inexpensive Spring Break Ideas

If you are like me you're probably wondering what you are going to do with your littles for spring break. My husband is a student himself and works full time. So the likelihood of us leaving anywhere for spring break is just not happening. We are also doing our best to not spend a ton of money. This may sound like a very lame spring break with my girls, but I am determined to make it awesome and memorable -remember one of my new years goals is to create memories.

So lets get to it! In no particular order

1.Go to a park. My kids love playgrounds. They could play for hours. Take your kids to a fun local park and let them get some of their energy out. Maybe even have a picnic!

2.A nature walk. We usually call this going on an adventure. 
Do you have a nearby green belt or nature park? If so, go for a walk, look at the plants, watch the geese/ ducks. My grandpa made the girls duck calls for Christmas and they think it is the coolest thing to call the ducks... although I'm pretty sure the nearby strangers disagree with how cool it is.😂

3.Go swimming. I know most places are not warm enough for an outdoor pool to go swimming over spring break, but do you have a nearby YMCA or indoor pool? If so, suit up and have some fun!

4.Ceramic Painting. Who doesn't love to paint little figures?! We have a local ceramics place that my girls are always asking if we can go to. Check to see if you have one near you, and don't forget to ask if they have discount days. For example, one of the discount days we go to is 2 for Tuesday.  2 people can paint for the price of one. We always get the smallest ceramics which works out perfectly because the girls and I can go for about $25 including the studio fees. 

5.Other miscellaneous crafts. Maybe you're really tight on the budget or painting ceramics just isn't your thing. There are lots of fun, easy, and cheap ideas on pinterest that are fun for kids to make! Also the dollar store is a great resource if you're looking for inexpensive kids craft supplies.

6.Bake and deliver goodies. We love to do this. It's also one of the few ways that my children help serve others in a way that they can understand. They love to make yummy masterpieces and they get sooo excited to give them away. Or you can keep them all, no judging.

7.The Dollar movie theater. Most places have some sort of a discount movie theater. It doesn't even matter what the movie is, the girls are just so excited to get to go to the theater. Throw in some overpriced popcorn and you have some seriously happy kids. 

8.Zoo or museum. These are usually inexpensive. If you see yourself going more often, consider buying a yearly pass (be realistic about how often you will be going if you do get one).  If you already have a pass, then it's free! We have a pass to a museum that will expire after this month so we will likely try to go a couple more times. But I think we will look at getting a zoo pass next if we do another yearly pass. My kids are fascinated by animals. 
-On a side note, if you travel a lot, a yearly pass can usually get you into other museums and zoos across the country for free or extremely discounted prices.

9.Family room camp-out. Set up your sleeping bags, maybe even your tent. If you have a fire pit then make a fire and roast some smores! All the fun of camping without the cold and half the mess!! I would say that is a win win! 

10.Garden. I know this sounds silly. But do you have some flowers you want to plant? A kid friendly spot where they can dig? My kids are currently helping me (or so they think) with a mini yard project and they are having a blast! They feel so proud when they can see the progress they have made and feel like they were a part of creating something cool! 
(My kids are still really young so they are easily fooled between work and fun 😂)

I hope this list helps you in your search for inexpensive things to do this spring break to keep your kids happy and busy! Remember you don't have to have a big fancy vacation or spend a bunch of money for your kids to have fun. The most important part is that you spend time together enjoying each others company.

 If you have any great spring break ideas I would LOVE to hear them! 

And here are some cute pictures of my kids having fun at one of our local nature parks.

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