Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Day Inside

My shirt was kindly provided by

Lately our weather has been so weird. It has either been so hot that you cant do anything but go to a pool, or its been raining. My kids have been getting pretty bummed with staying inside so I decided to make the best of our rain and have an extra fun evening.

My kids love to bake. It's been a few weeks with all of our crazy house projects. (we didn't have a stove installed for weeks) I knew that baking would brighten their little spirits. We started our night by making some yummy brownies, one of the girls favorites.

I try to let my girls help out by letting them mix and stir. They get so excited when they get to make their own treats.

After we finished making the brownies and put them in the oven, we watched a movie while waiting for them to cook.

Dont forget to check out They have so many great clothing and home decor options. I love that my new shirt was comfortable enough to lounge in with the girls. I didn't have to change into something more comfortable after running errands like I usually do after I am home for the day. I also love that they are a daily deal site, so there is always something fun and new to find!

My kids are growing so fast. It breaks my mommy heart. I hope they look back and remember these simple fun evenings that we have together.


Momma Koyle 


  1. These are some great memories for them!! I love your shirt mama! Those mixing patterns!

    xo Jenna

  2. Looks like fun! I can't wait to bake with the girls when they actually be somewhat helpful!