Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BOHO Family Photos

I have received a lot of comments and questions about our family photos we just did with Anja Stoll so I decided to do a blog post answering some of your questions and sharing some of my favorite pictures.

Anja and I chatted about picture ideas. I knew I wanted a certain look. I wanted a boho style photoshoot with a white dress for me and cute little boho dresses for the girls. I explained what I had in mind and Anja had the same pinterest photo ideas saved for our photoshoot as I did! That's when I knew we were on the same page and this photoshoot was going to be just what I wanted.

I got a ton of questions and comments about our outfits. Okay, so mostly the girls outfits lol Cuz lets face it, they are the cutest ones and make these pictures. 
The girls outfits were from Lele for Kids. You can find their exact outfits HERE 
Their cute flower hair clips are from Aves and Maddie
My dress was from Neesees. I don't see my white dress in stock on their site at the moment but the same dress in cream is HERE 
I'm not sure the details on my husbands 😂 
If you are reallllly interested in his message me and I can find it out for you haha.  

Normally I have a nice list of pictures I want to try to recreate that I have seen on a pinterest board ect. This time, however, I cared more about the style (boho) and I just went with it. I let Anja pose us and play around. I knew she had a good idea of what I was looking for and I felt like I could trust her ideas... I mean, we had the same pinterest photos, so I knew I was good 😂. My husband even made a shocked comment asking where my packet of poses was lol. I did have one pose I knew that I wanted as a general pose idea of the girls. And I am soooo glad that we did it. It is my new favorite picture of the girls. (see below)

I also try to make sure we get a variety of pictures. I like to get a few different family poses. Usually a couple serious and some fun playful pictures. I always try to get a few sister poses. Because those are usually my favorites. An individual of each child. And a couples photo. I think couples photos get overlooked far to often and it's kinda sad to me. I mean, my husband came before my kids and he is the reason I have my kids. So, I kinda like him... most days 😉

Here are some more of our highlight pictures. Which is what I know most of you came here for anyways 😉 



Thanks for viewing my family photos!

If you have any other questions you want me to answer feel free to message me! I try to keep up on my messages and I love hearing from you guys!


Momma Koyle 

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