Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites - Valentines edition.

Happy Friday! I have been wanting to do a fun Friday favorites with a little Valentine's Day twist!
Here are some of the things that I have and love, or have been crushing on, that are perfect for Valentines Day!

1. Valentines print outs. 
My friend Arin made  these  super cute valentines day printables. They make the easiest and cutest decorations!

2. Hunter boots.
I just recently got my first pair of hunter boots and I am loving them. These are the boots that I got. But I am loving the pink sand color as well! 

3. The new pink Lily Jade diaper bag.
I love Lily Jade bags. They are high quality, look great, and they have the option of wearing them as a backback which I LOVE! I love being able to bend over and pick up my kid without accidentally  wacking her with my bag πŸ˜‚ Check out the new pink bag they have out.

4. June and January dress 
My youngest has and loves this pink dress from them. She loves dresses and I love that it is long sleeve for these colder winter months. 

5. I love plum Tutus
First of all, who doesn't love little girls in tutus? I am drooling over the Iloveplum tutus! I Especially love the  Pink Shirley Tutu for Valentines day! They also have red and lots of other fun colors!!!  

I hope you found something that you like too!


Momma Koyle 

If you are looking for more Valentine's Day inspiration make sure to check out my friends home Valentine's Day favorites Here
Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter cupcakes

Some of my goals for the year were to live in the moment and to help others (an extension of be Thankful goal). What a better way to start that off than by making cupcakes with the girls.

My girls LOVE to bake. It's one of their favorite activities and it teaches them a life skill. So I try to let them bake fairly often. They wanted to make Olaf cupcakes, but my cupcake game isn't that strong. Luckily they settled for blue frosting and white/ sparkle sprinkles instead. πŸ˜‚

Honestly, it was a mess. But they had a blast! What is that saying? A messy house is a happy house? Well our house was definitely happy during the making of these cupcakes and I am sure I will be finding sprinkles for quite some timeπŸ˜‚. But was such a fun time with the girls I would do it again in a heartbeat.

When the girls and I bake we like to think of a family (or a couple of families depending on the treats and how many) to give some treats to. I feel like it helps the girls feel like they are doing a small act of service. They get excited to deliver them and they feel so good about themselves afterwards. I love watching them find joy in helping others, so I try to make sure we do some for of this at least once a month.

I know that giving away goodies is not a huge act of service or a huge help to others. But it is something that we enjoy and a great way to get the girls to think of others.

I am always looking for ways that the girls can help others. If you know of any service ideas small kids can participate in I would love some extra ideas!


Momma Koyle 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Goals

Happy New Year Friends! I wish I could say we had a huge fun party on New Years Eve, but we didn't lol We traveled. We drove all day and got home right before midnight and went to bed πŸ˜‚ Hopefully that's not a reflection of our new year.

The new year snuck up on me. Part of me feels like I should continue half of my goals from last year πŸ˜… But the other part thinks I need to move on ha ha.

This year I am going to have fewer goals. I am hoping that by having less goals I will be able to better focus on the ones I have.

1.) Simplify - Minimalize. (Is that a real word?)
I want to simplify my life. I want to simplify my home as well. This is a constant struggle for me. I feel like this goal can never be "completed" just improved upon. Every time I turn around there is more I need to simplify or go through. I feel like our home is easier to keep clean when I am good at going through our things. I like the peace in keeping things simple and minimalizing our surroundings.

 2.) Be in the moment.
I want to enjoy the here and now. I often struggle with overthinking and worrying about the future. I want to slow down and enjoy the moments as they come. I want to take in the moments I have with my kids. I want to remember the fun times we had and not the stress and worry. My kids are only kids once and they are growing up so fast. I don't want to look back and feel like I missed out on really enjoying my time with them. I want to know I was really there.

3.) Be Thankful.
That doesn't mean that I am currently not thankful. But to be honest, sometimes I focus too much on wanting more. Sometimes I regrettably find myself comparing myself or things to others. While I don't feel that I am horrible at this, I do feel that I have much room to improve. I don't want to be that person. I want to live a life of gratitude, spend less time worrying about myself, and more time helping others. I feel like we are greatly blessed. We can do more to help and lessen the burdens of others.

Thank you for following along. I hope your new year is full of health and happiness!


Momma Koyle