Monday, February 5, 2018

Unicorn Party

I just want to start out by saying, this party wasn't what I had planned. I had visions of amazing overdone decorations, fancy snacks, and cooler take home gifts. But life happened and it didn't work out. And it was ok!

I had been stressing over her birthday. Like I said before, I had bigger plans. We didn't get paid until Friday and the party was Saturday. Which meant I was asked to wait to get a bunch of things for her party. Then the van was unexpectedly in the shop, which also meant unexpected expenses $$$. Our van ended up being in the shop for longer than we originally thought and planned for. We didn't get it back until late the night before. So I found myself the few days before her party without a vehicle and unable to get a lot of things I had planned. Luckily, I keep all my party decorations from previous parties and was able to decorate with those.

Her party was a lot smaller too. Last year I invited her whole class. Our school asks us to invite the whole class. Which I understand no one wants hurt feelings. But trying to plan for an entire class where barely anyone R.S.V.P.s is hard and it was a little (LOT) crazy last year with so many kids. It was more expensive and stressful. This year I told my daughter to quietly hand out the invitations to the few people we didn't know outside of school before school started. Thankfully we didn't have any issues. (I know, are total rebels going against school policy 😂)

I felt really bad about how her party was turning out. Like I was a lame mom because I was not giving my 7 year old an intricate party I had envisioned.  But you know what? She didn't even care, or notice.

Some of her favorite things about her party were so simple.

1.The decorated wall.
I had envisioned a giant photo booth wall. Early on, before our vehicle issues, I bought paper from the teacher supply store (the kind that teachers often use for their bulletin boards). I taped it to the wall in plans of all out decorating and getting fun little photo booth props. I didn't end up getting the photo booth props and my 3 year old ripped the paper just before. I ended up taping it back together and putting a small kids table in front of it with a pink table cover I had from a previous party. We put the food on that table and it was perfect.

2. The cupcakes.
Originally I had this vision for a unicorn cake. You know, the pretty white circle cake with the big pretty horn and all the fun detailed hair. Something like this one here. But I wasn't able to grab a horn. I ended up making cupcakes instead. Cupcakes were easy and much faster anyways. We colored the frosting purple and piped it on. About a month ago we found some unicorn sprinkles at Walmart in the Valentines Day section with fun colored sprinkles and little gold unicorn heads. - The unicorn sprinkles were a HUGE hit. In fact, they were such a huge hit I kinda wondered why I planned a crazy cake when all the kids were obsessing over sprinkles 😂

3. Sugar Cookies
I made these cookies from Hello Baby Brown. I did edit the recipe a little. I chose not to use almond extract and just used more vanilla (which I'm really glad I did because I ended up having a child with a nut allergy attend) and I left out the lemon zest. I used these unicorn and rainbow cookie cutters I also found at Walmart, next to the unicorn sprinkles in their Valentines Day isle. I left the cookies unfrosted and let the kids have a little bowl of frosting, choose a frosting color, and decorate their own cookies. I put 6 sprinkle containers that I wasn't going to miss, knowing there was a good chance of kids using every last sprinkle. The kids had a blast. Letting the kids decorate their own cookies not only saved me time but made for a fun activity for the kids. Everybody LOVED them. I had 3 adults ask for the recipe they loved them so much.

4. Pin the horn on the unicorn.
This was the one thing my daughter asked for in advance. I looked early on for it and wasn't able to find any in the party stores (which I was surprised by). I found this one at Amazon ( I love Amazon). 

5. Her dress
She got a unicorn dress for her back to school clothes back in the summer. She was really excited to wear it and coordinate with her party theme. I was really excited not spending money on a new dress and that she was perfectly happy wearing her old dress.

6. Mommy and me date.
I was having a hard time thinking of what to get her. We just had Christmas a month ago and my kids dont really ask for much. I think this is in large part because we don't have regular TV or cable. We only have and use our Roku and movies. So we don't get commercials. Meaning, my kids don't see all the things they think they need. I love it lol.

Her birthday fell on her party day. So after her party she chose to eat out for lunch at Red Robbin and split a clucks and fries. Then we went shopping at a couple stores and she got to pick out her birthday gift.

In the end my daughter told me multiple times that it was "The Best Birthday Ever!!!" I feel kinda silly now looking back thinking I needed all these extra things to give my daughter a great birthday. I am so grateful for my children. They are simple. They love the little things and they help me to remember what really matters.


Momma Koyle