Friday, March 23, 2018

Little Boys Swimwear

After doing a favorite swimwear post for little girls, I was surprised to find that people requested that I do a swimwear post for little boys.  Since I only have girls, boy land is pretty foreign to me. 😂

After searching a bit these are what I found that I really liked for little boys.

I hope you like my picks! If I had a little boy, he would be rocking these.


Momma Koyle 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Little Girls Swimwear

The girls and I are HUGE fans of swimming. If you are new to following us on Instagram you might not know that swimsuits are kinda a big deal to us. We spend almost every day of the summer at the pool. It is our favorite activity. We get asked often where we find our swimsuits. With spring break and warmer weather around the corner, I thought now would be a great time to share some of our favorites!

The girls don't personally own all of these swimsuits but they do own about half of them. The others are ones I've had my eyes on.


We are looking forward to the warmer weather. I hope you love these swimsuit picks as much as we do!


Momma Koyle 

Monday, March 12, 2018

My Beach Vacation Must Haves

Spring break is just around the corner and I thought it might be helpful if I did a traveling necessities post before spring break hits! I personally crave warm places for vacation so my picks will be guided towards a sunny vacation.

1. Luggage
I feel like this is a given. Luggage is a must have to be able to pack. We recently got the girls THESE in the 3 different colors.  I love the bright colors. It would be hard to mix up their luggage with someone else's. Their luggage can be tipped and rolled with the handle AND they have 4 wheels!  I'm really excited about this because my girls should have no issue pushing/ pulling their own luggage now! Actually, the girls luggage is now better than ours, I'm thinking I might need to upgrade my own luggage soon.😂

2. Sunglasses
I found pink mommy and me aviators so you know those are on our list for traveling (or anytime) necessities.
3. Swimsuits
Swimsuits are my weakness. I plan on writing another blog post about my top favorite swimsuits a little later on. A couple of brands I am currently crushing on are KortnijeaneRAD swim, and Whimsey tails.

4. Beachwear and coverups
Obviously if you are going to a beach you might not want to be in your swimwear 24/7, but being in normal clothes might seem like a bit much. I recently found Cabana Life and I am obsessed with all their cute beachwear. They are sun protection clothing and they have lots of swimsuits, coverups, and beach ready attire for the whole family.

5. Beach Toys.
I am loving this beach toy set here. My favorite is the little molds. 
6. Water bottles
I really like camelbak water bottles. They don't leak like many of the other ones do and they have some of the cutest designs. These ones are perfect styles for the beach! 
7. Beach hats
Right now Target has a bunch of fun sun hats that I have been eyeing. Like this one here.

As much as I absolutely love the beach, we don't get to go as often as I would like. I am sure I missed some things, since it has been awhile. I would love to know some of your beach favorites!


Momma Koyle 
Monday, March 5, 2018

Moana Party

March means party time once again. My oldest had her birthday and requested a Moana Party. We did a Luau Party last summer for my youngest's birthday,  so I was more than happy to throw a Moana party because I knew I could easily reuse the majority of those decorations and save some money. - I am all about saving money.

We won a giveaway contest and chose THIS Moana dress. Which I love. My daughter kept asking for a Moana dress and while I love Moana I did not love that her dress was strapless and I did not want to have to worry about my daughter accidentally flashing everyone all the time. I love that the dress we won has straps that can hold the dress up. I honestly felt like it was way softer than the ones I found at the stores we were looking at. Plus you cannot beat the price when you won the dress 😂.

I used to decorate a lot more but I have found that I can easily get away with decorating our one wall in our dining room and everyone is still happy haha. I am also less stressed when I am not worried about decorating the entire house.

I had my husband make a lemonade stand for our youngest daughters second birthday a little over a year ago and I love any excuse to use it in my decorations. I felt like it fit in with our theme perfectly.

All of the rest of the decorations came from the dollar tree last year.

I also had a bunch of grass skirts left over from the Luau party last year that I used as party favors and the kids enjoyed dancing around to Hawaiian music.

We decorated cookies for an activity and I used the same recipe I used from our unicorn party a month ago HERE. I don't use the almond extract (we have friends with nut allergies ) or the lemon zest from the original recipe. I honestly like the way it tastes better without those two ingredients anyways. 

We did cupcakes instead of cake and to be honest I had planned on a completely different look but as I was trying to swirl I noticed it kinda looked like the heart of Tafiti and I decided I liked that idea better 😂 I love when that happens.

My daughter had a blast and loved her special day.


Momma Koyle