Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kids Surprise Disney Bags

We are planning a trip to Disneyland for the first time ever and the girls have no idea. I plan on giving the girls bags filled with Disney gear and surprising them just before we leave. I have talked a little bit about it on my INSTAGRAM, and I have been asked to share what I have found for the girls for our trip.

I am going to start out by being very honest. I am told I am cheap๐Ÿ˜‚, but when we are spending soooo much money to go to Disneyland, I would prefer not to pay high prices for souvenirs in the park. My hope is that by finding these items for less before hand we can save a little and the kids can use their money towards something they might really like that is not so common. But I guess only time will tell what they choose.

I splurged on bags. I got the girls THESE little pink bags like mine that they have been really wanting already on a 50% off sale. I was considering gifting them for Christmas but decided to wait and put their Disney goodies inside the bags. The bags will hold all of their gear.

Disney shirts are a big thing! However, I didn't want to pay a lot for tops so after looking around I found the girls THESE minnie tshirts, THIS top for myself, and my husbands top HERE

Minney Mouse Ear Headbands
I think those Minnie Mouse ear headbands are the cutest things! But not cute enough to pay $30 each for them. Maybe if I only had one daughter, but I have 3... THAT WOULD BE $90 IN HEADBANDS! Plus I am pretty sure there is a good chance that not all 3 will make it home in one piece. I searched on Etsy and found TONS of amazing high quality Minnie Mouse ear headbands. They also have ones that you can create your own! The ones I found and fell in love with (which are just as stinking cute as the ones at the park) were only $10! Yes, that is correct. I got all 3 Minnie ear head bands for $30 and saved $60. My only regret is not getting a fun pair for myself.

Stuffed Characters
Other popular Disney souvenir are stuffed characters. While I have a feeling my kids may still want more of these, I went ahead and got them each a main character plush. I was able to grab them on sale at the Disney store online for only $6 each. I asked the girls if they had favorite characters and got them each the ones they said.  Mickey, Minnie,  & Daisy.

Princess Dresses
I have zero intentions of paying $200 for the Bippity Boppity Boutique to get my kids hair in a bun and a new princess dress.
1. I have 3 girls 3 x $200= $600 No thanks.
2. I am a hairstylist and I can put my own kids hair in a bun for free.
3. There are so many cute princess dresses that cost less.
I actually let my girls look through and pick out their princess dresses that they wanted. They don't know they are for a Disney trip they were just excited for a new dress up dress. My middle daughter picked a villain costume and I have to say that I love that she did haha. These are the dresses they chose.
K's dress, Mikki's villain, LuLu's dress

Yes, We got new swimsuits for Disney in the winter but hear me out. I'm pretty sure the pools are heated and THESE swimsuits scream Minnie Mouse! Are they not the perfect swimsuits for Disneyland?! I am obsessed. Plus we swim almost everyday during the summer so I could not pass these up!

Pins and Lanyards
Apparently pin trading is a big deal. I am glad I asked what I should know about Disney on Instastories because I had never heard of pin trading but it was the most popular response I got. I was also told by many people to purchase my pins in advance on ebay (make sure to buy from someone who has a return option because if they don't have the correct Disney markings they wont be able to trade them). I found the girls cute Disney lanyards at Partycity online for $1 each! K's (My little star wars kid ๐Ÿ˜‚), Mikki's, LuLu's

I plan on recording them opening their bags and telling them we are leaving for Disneyland NOW! I am beyond excited to take the girls for the first time!


Momma Koyle 

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