About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog! 

My name is Jenifer Koyle. I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful little girls.

I have known my husband since we were kids and I have always thought he was the coolest and most attractive guy ever!

My family is my whole world.  I made this blog to help me document our daily lives and network with other great individuals! I love to follow my kids around and take photos of them. I guess you can call me a Mommarazzi.

If you don't like seeing pictures of cute kids and momlife stuff this blog is not for you.

I love getting our family photos taken as often as I can, my husband hates it but he puts up with it cuz he loves me.

I enjoy crafting, shopping, fuzzy socks, milk chocolate, rafting, & Ben&Jerrys half baked ice cream.
 (if you haven't tried it you are seriously missing out)

I love being around people. I will jump at any opportunity for a get together or ladies night.
I love to celebrate anything and everything. If it's not fun I don't want to do it.

In college I was an event coordinator for our school and it was probably the coolest job ever!
I am a hairstylist & makeup artist, but right now I'm taking the time to be with my littles while I can.
 I  homeschooled my children for a year before we moved into a better school.
 I am grateful that we moved into a better school lol

I love to meet new people and network!

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