2018-08-18 13:51:25

april 18, 2018, a large-scale public charity event jointly organized by suzhou friendstimes technology and suzhou public welfare organization - "make your dream come true" - entered its final stage. with trucks loaded with care supplies driving into the mountain areas of guizhou province, this charity event came to an end.


charity work


friendtimes is a female-oriented game company, who has always been an advocator of public charity work. over the years, we did our best to help those in need. we believe that even a small kindness could help our society become a better place. and by doing so, we set a good example and encourage more people to join in the charity work, so that more left-behind children in the mountains could have the help they need.



warm visit


in the early stages, employees at friendtimes went to the mountain areas of guizhou province and helped the children there make a list of wishes. with the generous donation and concerted efforts made by friendtimes staff and caring people from all walks of life, friendtimes fulfilled the wishes of over 300 children. these children come from guizhou hongqi primary school, dadi primary school, dawan primary school, sichuan chengxi primary school, and some other families living in poverty.



▲friendtimes staff carrying supplies


on the day of the donation, representatives of the friendtimes staff visited guizhou again with the love and caring the children deserve. they handed over the care supplies to all the children. the principals of the schools and the children expressed their heartfelt gratitude to friendtimes and all the caring people.



▲friendtimes staff donating


besides the supplies, some book houses with donated books were also established so that the children could have a better learning environment.



▲book house established by friendtimes


pass on love and care


with the joint efforts from friendtimes staff and caring people from all walks of life, the "make your dream come true" event has officially come to an end. friendtimes would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have offered their help!



▲group photo of the representatives and the children


the charity work this time is a small step for us. we still have a long way to go. but friendtimes will keep carrying social responsibilities and offering more help to those in need!