2020-08-06 13:58:34

on august 4th, 2020, suzhou federation of industry and commerce officially released the list of "top 100 suzhou private enterprises in 2020" based on the operating revenue in 2019. friendtimes inc. successfully made to the top 100.


suzhou federation of industry and commerce has run the list of “top 50 private enterprises” for three consecutive years since 2017, and the top 100 list was released for the first time this year. the purpose of running the list is to analyze the growing private economy of suzhou from the perspective of large-scale enterprises, find out the highly representative and advanced enterprises, and gain insight into their development and growth.


the minimum revenue of a company on the list of top 100 suzhou private enterprises was 1.664 billion yuan, and for the top 50, it was 4.446 billion yuan, which increased 897 million yuan compared to the 3.549 billion yuan last year, with an increase rate of 25.27%. the increasing entry threshold demands higher profitability of private enterprises and presents challenges to their capability of withstanding pressure and keeping up sustainable development in the complex international environment.


friendtimes’s entry in the top 100 suzhou private enterprises in 2020 shows suzhou federation of industry and commerce’s recognition for its profitability. as an enterprise devoted to developing female-oriented games, friendtimes shows enormous potential in making profits. with current operating games insuring the company's stable financial growth, the revenue and net profit are both on the rise.

strong r&d ability, advanced data analysis and application ability lay a solid foundation for the company’s game r&d and operation. under the state’s development requirements of promoting literary and art innovation, friendtimes, a cultural and creative internet enterprise, answers to the call of the new era, namely innovation, coordination, green, open and inclusive development. friendtimes is also committed to developing games with rich culture values. through one of the most popular medias among the youth, friendtimes is determined to promote fine traditional chinese culture to the younger generation.

as a local enterprise in suzhou, making to the top 100 suzhou private enterprises means that friendtimes has the ability and obligation to spare no effort to help boost the transformation and upgrading of suzhou's cultural industry structure and promote the high-quality development of suzhou's economy. in the superior business environment for private economy, friendtimes will stay true to its original aspiration, continue to innovate and forge ahead with enthusiasm. moreover, the company will constantly improve the r&d strength and innovation ability in the process of transformation and upgrading.

friendtimes aims for operational excellence and is sensitive to market environment changes. besides, the company keeps upgrading with innovative thinking. while consolidating the leading position in female-oriented game market, the company is also further expanding its game portfolio and continuously expanding overseas markets. with the increasing market occupancy, friendtimes will have a more promising prospect!