2020-08-07 14:51:52

the top 30 of china’s gaming industry list sponsored by china business network has been officially announced. friendtimes inc. ranked no. 26 in the list.




the top 30 of china’s gaming industry list is based on indicators such as the revenue scale and market value of each game enterprise. it represents the heft of enterprises that can affect the trend of the market. since its establishment, friendtimes has been focusing on female-oriented mobile games and gradually found its brand characteristics. we have made remarkable achievements, but we’ve never ceased to keep searching for new breakthroughs.


more achievements


this year, the new game of friendtimes, “fate of the empress”, attracted many players with features such as seamless 3d technology, character customization, multiple storylines, and original gameplays. based on the exquisite plot creation of the past products as always, “fate of the empress” has also made breakthroughs and innovations in the presentation of the game's image quality and gameplay.


with its outstanding game quality and user reputation, "fate of the empress” reached no. 5 on the best-selling list of ios games in mainland china. its performance in overseas market is also extraordinary. in app store and google play store, the game ranked high on the list and received many rave reviews. as of now, “fate of the empress” ranked no. 16 on the best-selling list of ios games in korea and has been well-received by korean users.




the brand new mobile game with chinese cultural features named “fate: the loved journey” has presented a whole new world full of wonders in ancient times. created in a panoramic worldview, the game brings players a new experience with its immersive storytelling and fragmented gameplay.




diversified games


while continuously consolidating the leading position in the field of female-oriented mobile games, friendtimes is also seeking breakthroughs in other market segments. recently, friendtimes has completed investments and reached a long-term strategic partnership with beijing aoshen interactive technology co., ltd and changsha t-rex network technology co., ltd. both of them are seasoned mobile game developers. in the female-oriented innovative segment, friendtimes has stocked a variety of products including urban female themed game, idle games with future settings, and games with history settings. the diversified products will meet the needs of a wider range of users.




the enterprises on the top 30 of china's gaming industry list has been changing constantly. with the heavy-hitters dominating the industry, the future of small developers is like sailing against the current. we must forge ahead or we will be driven back. while exploring overseas markets, focusing on product quality and extending product lifecycles will be the foundation for the development of friendtimes. at the same time, constantly enriching product categories and insisting on innovation will guarantee the long-term operation of the company.