2020-09-03 15:48:40

on september 1st, 2020, the state administration of press and publication released the approval information of the first batch of domestic online games in september. a total of 57 titles have been approved for distribution, including the ip mobile game “lala’s promotion” developed and exclusively published by friendtimes inc.


lala’s promotion is the first legitimate female workplace rpg of friendtimes that focuses on female workplace life. the adaptation based on the original work is a guarantee for quality, and the innovation of friendtimes on the gameplay has made the game more fun.

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in terms of gameplay, friendtimes continues the simple gameplay favored by female gamers. players will explore and experience with the main character through a series of unknown events. different gameplays including vacation and shopping satisfy players' needs to collect and relax, while the promotions give players a sense of purpose in the various stages of the game.

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▲day/night scene switch

the original work has a rating of 7.8 on douban. the novel tells an inspiring story of lala’s rise from an administrative assistant to a professional hr director. it has been remade into tv series and movies. the tv series "lala’s promotion" starring wang luodan was broadcast on beijing tv, shanghai oriental tv, shenzhen tv, and souhu tv on july 22, 2010. the french dubbed version was broadcast on senegalese national tv on august 30, 2014. the movie version of “lala’s promotion” directed by and starring xu jinglei, was also a box office hit.

the urban workplace plots and lala’s inspirational struggles triggered an emotional response in the audience. other adaptations including “lala i am”, “lala’s marriage”, “lala’s lost time” have also generated a high degree of enthusiasm. the “lala” ip undoubtedly has a strong recreation value and influential appeals.

the licenced “lala's promotion” is a new try in urban female growth genre. the good reputation and quality content is also a guarantee to win the market. from “yokai kitchen” last year which enjoys rave reviews, to the widely praised “fate of the empress” and the female growth-oriented “lala’s promotion” this year, friendtimes has put great efforts in the female gamer market. with the spirit of craftsmanship, friendtimes will continue to make games based on user needs and bring more surprises to the market.

to this day, friendtimes has taken the lead in female-oriented gaming market. the parallel development model provides more original products and authentic experiences for gamers. with the diversified game bases and strong distribution and operation capabilities, friendtimes is confident to achieve more in the mobile game market and bring more quality products to users.