2020-09-21 16:06:41

on september 18th, 2020, the “integration of culture and technology - a chronicle of suzhou gardens” seminar was held by friendtimes inc. the former deputy secretary of jiangsu provincial party committee and honorary chairman of jiangsu provincial literary federation gu hao, professional writer zhang guoqing, deputy director of jiangsu provincial cppcc proposal committee yin yi, and other leaders attended the meeting together with the ceo and other senior executives of friendtimes. the seminar focused on the integration of traditional culture and technology innovation.




adhere to technological innovation and strengthen cultural building


“create value with culture" has been the mission of friendtimes for the past decade. in the seminar, the ceo of friendtimes elaborated on the development and operation mode of the company to the guests. ceo jiang emphasized, as an internet company focused on culture and creativity, our philosophy is to take culture as the core and creativity as the shell, insist on the integration of culture and technology, and pursue excellent quality. with the vision to be the “world's leading cultural and creative enterprise”, friendtimes adopts “culture ” to lead the development of the industry, builds a platform for global cultural exchanges, and carries forward the inheritance and promotion of culture.




inheritance of suzhou culture


friendtimes has made important explorations in the integration and inheritance of traditional culture, using products as the platform to spread culture to the youngsters in a fun way. the classical symbols of cultural identity, such as flying cornices, ancient zither, go chess, calligraphy, silk and satin dress, have all been presented in friendtimes products, providing players at home and abroad with an immersive charming experience of traditional chinese culture.



the directors of r&d center and marketing center at friendtimes shared the implantation of cultural elements in the company's products, such as tiger hill, garden architecture, suzhou embroidery, kunqu opera, tapestry, and taohuawu woodcut paintings. they also introduced innovative ways of linking suzhou traditional arts with the company, in order to generate vigor to suzhou culture.


discover suzhou craftsmanship and spread thoughts


based in suzhou, a city with a long history, friendtimes is greatly influenced by the ancient chinese culture. in the seminar, gu hao spoke highly of the exploration and efforts of friendtimes in cultural integration. in “fate of the empress”, one of the company’s main products, friendtimes has adopted real-scene mapping of suzhou gardens and reconstructed the scenes in the game.


zhang guoqing, the author of “sinking hooks in history - a chronicle of suzhou gardens”, expressed his affirmation of the reconstruction of suzhou gardens in the game. director yin yi then emphasized that making traditional culture easy to understand is in line with zhang’s writing intention. “sinking hooks in history - a chronicle of suzhou gardens” was published by people's publishing house. it has been well received by readers at home and abroad for its vivid content and elegant writing. the book has been designated as a textbook for the evaluation of senior titles in archaeology and tourism. it has also become a good reference book for friendtimes in the product development.





inherit cultural innovation and embody the soul of the nation


president xi jinping once said that the integration of culture and technology has not only created new industries, but also gathered a large number of talents. it is a sunrise industry with a great future. in the seminar, gu hao said that suzhou is a great city with much to offer, and that we should be the innovators as well as guardians of suzhou culture, so as to generate vigor to suzhou culture. as an ancient city with a history of more than 2000 years, suzhou has countless cultural treasures that are worthy of continuous exploration and promotion to cultural companies.




founded in the new era, friendtimes is at the forefront of the integration of culture and technology. the collision of traditional culture and technology has led to the flourishing market for mobile games, and friendtimes has been taking mobile games as a medium to promote chinese culture. in the future, friendtimes will continue to develop with innovative thinking in fields like games, animation, literature, films and ip derivatives. we will work hard to be a global benchmark enterprise and continue to promote the charm of chinese culture to the world.