2020-11-09 17:15:03

on november 7th, 2020, friendtimes inc. held a successful 10-year anniversary celebration in suzhou olympic sports center, with the presence of all its employees, their families, and friends from the media. it was a spectacular show with wonderful performances and rich rewards.




the theme of the celebration is “a decade of perseverance and ingenuity”, concluding honors and achievements of the past decade. the event not only took a review of the past, but also set an outlook for the future.


honorary awards for senior employees


to thank the senior employees, friendtimes honored them with commemorative titles and exquisite jewelry in recognition of their efforts over the years. 5-year silver, 8-year gold, 10-year platinum, these titles are the best affirmation and gratitude from friendtimes, and also an inspiration to all the staff at friendtimes.







surprise gifts light up mood


to reward the hard work and efforts of the employees, friendtimes prepared generous gifts, including surface pro7, huawei p40 pro , 100k rmb of shopping allowances, one-year leases on a tesla and a mini cooper, and many more. a large number of gifts were also given to the family members of the employees, not only allowing them to feel included but also showing compassionate care of the company.





excellent performances


excellent performances are indispensable for a grand ceremony. opening the celebration, friendtimes executives’ boss show took everyone by surprise. it set the tone for the following amazing shows. many friendtimers took the opportunity to perform on stage. it was a true demonstration of the vigor and talents of the company.





video of the company story


to many, the past 10 years might only be a fleeting moment in history, but to friendtimes, it was a decade of hard work and achievements. the videos “dreamers” and “love and faith” have documented many memorable moments and told a warm story of the love and support from the family members. the videos brought many people present to tears.




in the journey of pursuing dreams, the love and support from the family is always what keeps us going. the videos show the tenacity and belief of friendtimers and our tears and sweat in the past ten years. we will take these precious memories and make another glorious decade.



future strategies and direction


looking back over the past decade, friendtimes has insisted on originality and created a series of popular original characters. from the deep researches of female-oriented games to the parallel development of multiple fields, and from domestic market to overseas market, friendtimes has chosen a unique path of development facing the tide of globalization. with culture as the core and creativity as the shell, friendtimes has created an ip value chain by making quality products with ingenuity. putting people at the center, shaping culture with ideas that are more original, more diversified, and more far-reaching have always been the mission of friendtimes.


in terms of future development strategies, friendtimes will focus on the development of quality products, global distribution and operation, derivative works, and investment in the creative industries to build multidimensional original works and further enhance the influence and vitality of them. with the enhanced r&d abilities and various products, friendtimes will create more original quality products and strive to be a top 5 in the mobile game industry.


a decade of perseverance and ingenuity


along with the theme song, the 10th anniversary celebration of friendtimes came to a close. the end of one decade is also the start of another. for all friendtimers, the sky is the limit. we will keep pursuing our dreams and make new glory in the decades to come!