2020-11-13 14:55:41

on november 7th, the 10th anniversary celebration of friendtimes was held in suzhou olympic sports center, bringing a lively audio-visual feast to all the friendtimers. behind the wonderful gala was months of preparation, staff and volunteers working day and night for a perfect show for everyone.


click on the link to watch the behind-the-scenes footage of the 10th anniversary celebration:

a demo of the theme song of friendtimes “the best of times”, upon releasing, became a smash hit with the employees. now that the official mv is available, put on your headphones and enjoy it.

click on the link to enjoy the mv:

during the filming of the anniversary micro-movie, the crew and the staff went back and forth between shooting scenes, often until late at night, in order to show everyone a quality piece of work.

the micro-film “dreamers” was created based on the true stories of many 10-year platinum employees and 8-year gold employees. the script was tuned for better versions multiple times and was performed by the founding members of the company. the professional filming team and the touching acting of the founding members have jointly constructed a high-quality piece of work.


the story of “through time with you” is extracted from the daily lives of friendtimes employees. the film is narrated from the perspectives of parents, spouses, children, and friends, showing the care and support of them. during the making of the video where the employees expressed their heartfelt feelings to their families, many of them were moved to tears.


in the opening video of the ceremony, beams of light flashed from various famous landmarks in suzhou and converged on the suzhou olympic sports center, implying that friendtimes is based in suzhou and that the sports center on the day of the ceremony has witnessed this milestone moment after ten-year development of the company.


the film “seen and to see” tells the story of suzhou traditional culture integrated into products of friendtimes from a cultural perspective, and draws a clear picture of the product's inheritance of traditional culture. the film is set in time-cherished and unique scenic spots in suzhou, and is filmed with the help from suzhou traditional craft inheritors.


as the celebration was around the corner, on-site construction and various preparations had also started. performers were all employees from the company. both dance group and vocal group made time for practice daily. in order to give the best live performance to the audience, at least three rehearsals were held.



the most challenging were the preparation and distribution of the employee gift packages. in order to match the ticket and the exact summer and autumn t-shirts to each colleague, volunteers took the initiative to do the job on weekends. in total more than one thousand gift packages were well prepared and distributed to every employee.




two days before the celebration, volunteers came to the venue to check the location of each area and prepared the reception work accordingly.


▲volunteers checking the venue in advance


▲staff preparing for items in need

supply kit distribution and clean-up work afterwards were also done by volunteers.


▲volunteers distributing supply kits

it is the hard work of the staff and volunteers that has made it possible for everyone to enjoy a great anniversary celebration gala.


from the brainstorming during early preparation, to the filming of all videos, till the construction of the stage and the performance, staff and volunteers worked hard and stayed up late, paying close attention to every detail with their relentless quest for perfection, and eventually presented to everyone a unique 10th anniversary celebration gala on november 7 in suzhou olympic sports center. here, let's thank all the staff and volunteers who worked so hard for the celebration. you have done a great job!