2020-12-01 18:47:31

on november 27th, 2020, the 17th china-asean expo (hereinafter referred to as caexpo) was held in nanning, china. friendtimes was invited by the department of commerce of jiangsu province and attended the expo. friendtimes communicated with the companies around the world at jiangsu booth in china pavilion, and introduced its ancient-style 3d mobile game fate of the empress and the restaurant management mobile game yokai kitchen.


caexpo is an international economic and trade event held in guangxi zhuang autonomous region, co-sponsored by the central governments of china and asean countries, and the asean secretariat. it remains committed to accelerating the upgrade of the china-asean free trade area and sharing opportunities of cooperation and development. caexpo aims at achieving mutual benefit and focuses on the economic and trade cooperation within the free trade area. its opening-up strategy will also bring new opportunities for the mutual development. at the same time, the multi-field communication activities made caexpo a prominent platform for the communication and cooperation between china and asean countries.

the caexpo’s theme is “building the belt and road initiative and strengthening digital economy cooperation”, providing a communication platform for companies in china and asean countries. as an internet company, friendtimes integrates culture and technology in the tide of globalization. taking its internet products as a cultural platform, friendtimes has been working to expand its overseas market and spreading chinese culture to the world.


friendtimes is committed to sharing chinese stories and introducing chinese culture to the world. its 3d mobile game fate of the empress tells a romantic story happened in ancient china. the delicate game scenes and impressive storyline make the game popular in the market. it won the 5th place in ios blockbuster game list in mainland china.


yokai kitchen is a restaurant management mobile game of anime style, which brings brand new gaming experience for acgn fans. the storyline of yokai kitchen is based on traditional chinese myths and has been highly praised by players.

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hui jianlin, the vice governor of jiangsu province and other officials visited friendtimes’ booth in caexpo and asked about the export of products and the development of the company. he also praised friendtimes’ efforts in promoting traditional chinese culture overseas.


friendtimes invited two cosplayers dressing up like the characters in fate of the empress and yokai kitchen. visitors came to take photos with the cosplayers.

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friendtimes takes “create value with culture” as its core value, driven by scientific and technological innovation. the company has been dedicated to building a cultural and creative industrial chain including game research and development, global publishing and operating, ip ecosystem development, social platform, cultural and film industry investment. friendtimes has also gained a good reputation and has been granted the titles including national key enterprise in cultural export, top 50 suzhou internet enterprise, key cultural and technological enterprise in jiangsu province, suzhou cultivation enterprises. some of the company’s products are key projects of international cooperation in culture and tourism industries announced by the ministry of culture and tourism in 2019 and 2020.

the cpc central committee has proposed to speed up the construction of a new development pattern, with domestic cycle as the mainstay and a dual domestic and international cycle reinforcing each other. president xi stressed that openness enables a country to move forward, while seclusion holds it back. friendtimes has overseas markets in korea, japan, north america and southeast asia and has gained great achievements. caexpo is a good opportunity for friendtimes to communicate and cooperate with companies in asean countries. friendtimes will keep working tirelessly to introduce traditional chinese culture to the world and strengthen digital economy cooperation.