2021-02-08 19:44:45

on february 7th, 2021, friendtimes joined the opening ceremony of suzhou experience center of information consumption and has officially become a member of the center. attending the ceremony were leaders from suzhou municipal government, municipal bureau of industry and information technology, municipal bureau of big data, municipal bureau of commerce and municipal internet information office.


as the only national comprehensive information consumption demonstration city in jiangsu province, suzhou is the front runner in digital economy and information consumption. the experience center aims to promote better variety, better quality, and better brand in the field of information consumption, as well as better integration of online and offline information consumption. stationed in the “jiangnan culture” section of the experience center, friendtimes adopts the form of “technology culture” to promote the combination of traditional culture and digital culture.


the leaders paid a visit to the ecological exhibition zone of friendtimes. the staff on the scene introduced the development of the enterprise and its cultural products to the leaders. friendtime's corporate culture and suzhou culture complement each other. the original designs based on suzhou gardens and jinji lake business district can be seen everywhere in the company's products, of which the leaders spoke highly of.


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with a lot of excellent products to offer, the company has set up a “friendtimes cultural and creative products experience zone” in the btc exhibition area of the experience center, allowing the public to experience the charm of digital culture up close. the products includes fate of the empress, one of friendtimes' big hits, and a variety of ip merchandise.

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as smartphones become more prevalent, china's mobile game industry has entered a stage of rapid development, and the use of 5g communication technology has broadened the prospects of the gaming industry. in a decade of development, friendtimes has always insisted on originality, combining the advantages of traditional culture and modern technology with efficient digital way of communication. with the idea of “ip building” in mind, friendtimes has brought the public many excellent digital cultural products over the years.


the company continues its tireless work in the integration of technology and culture. using game products as a platform, friendtimes has been spreading chinese traditional culture to the young in a fun and popular way. the unique cultural features, like ancient pavilions, chess and calligraphy are presented in the game products, providing an immersive and educational experience for young users at home and abroad.


founded in the new era, friendtimes is at the forefront of the integration of technology and culture, leading the trends of cultural consumption. the cooperation with the experience center of information consumption is a start for friendtimes to develop more cultural products with innovative thinking, and to exchange ideas and learn from companies that are at the forefront of information technology. together we will build a new field of digital economy, and promote the charm of chinese culture to the world.