2021-03-26 11:39:20

on march 24, 2021, friendtimes inc. and suzhou industrial park service outsourcing vocational college jointly launched a traditional-style culture experience activity.




this joint activity aims to "appreciate and promote the charm of traditional chinese culture", combine the essence of chinese culture with modern technology, let the beauty of chinese culture spread beyond books, and inspire students to seek a profound understanding of chinese culture in a fun and relaxing environment. at the same time, students of the generation z can acquire a more modern understanding of and unique insights into chinese culture, which also brings more possibilities for us to develop innovative ways of cultural inheritance.


traditional chinese style carving out art and cultural excellence


friendtimes focuses on female ancient-style mobile games, and adheres to creating original ip products rich in traditional cultural characteristics. in this school-enterprise joint event, the company showcased the traditional-styled mobile game “fate: the loved journey” which adopts an original script over a million words to create a beautifully portrayed immortal world teeming with chinese-style details, seen as a rich cultural feast for the students.




experience the art creation


the school provided strong support for this joint activity of traditional-style culture. in the auditorium, friendtimes showcased gorgeous videos, elaborated product concepts and innovation development, and provided students with facts of the history of internet enterprises. afterwards, friendtimes carried out the game experience activity of “fate: the loved journey”, where a waiting area, an experience area and an interview area were set up respectively. many students participated in the activity, expressed their perceptions and suggestions, and contributed to the art creation of “fate: the loved journey”.




friendtimes showcased a variety of merchandise to students including traditional chinese handicraft fans, umbrellas, tiny model screens, paper sculpture lamps and notebooks modeled after the characters in the game so that the students and teachers were able to experience the craftsmanship and power of cultural heritage.




stepping into a new era and adhering to the concept of culture creating value, friendtimes aims to practice the historical mission of inheriting chinese culture. the success of this joint activity with suzhou industrial park service outsourcing vocational college is not only an exchange between internet culture product developers and campus group users, but also an exchange between traditional culture and young gamers. friendtimes will be committed to the integration of culture and technology to promote the development of traditional chinese culture in a more long-term and profound way.