2021-03-29 13:35:08

recently, gamma data released the "2020-2021 china game enterprise r&d competitiveness report" in which friendtimes inc. was acknowledged as one of the "top 15 enterprises of r&d competitiveness". the report made a comprehensive assessment from multiple dimensions such as r&d effectiveness, r&d investment and product strength, and affirmed friendtimes' independent r&d capability and r&d investment income.




as a pioneer in the field "female-oriented" mobile games, friendtimes has been focusing on technological innovation, challenging the cutting-edge technology, devoting itself to the independent research and development of high-quality and innovative mobile games, improving the core competitiveness and life cycle of its products, deeply cultivating niche areas, practicing the corporate mission of "culture creates value", insisting on improving the cultural core of products, shaping cultural excellence, and making great efforts and contributions to the inheritance and innovation of the essence of traditional culture.



friendtimes actively strives for breakthroughs via exploration, insists on originality, and gradually builds friendtimes’ original ip ecosystem. “fate of the empress”, a staple of friendtimes’ catalog, has repeatedly reaped good results in the market test, reaching the 5th place in the best-seller list of ios games and the 2nd place in the list of free games in mainland china. at the same time, the parallel development strategy in multiple fields has brought abundant product reserves, and new games such as modern urban female empowerment "a story of lala's: rising star", fantasy fairy theme game "fate: the loved journey" and traditional chinese-style game "promise of lingyun" will be launched one after another, breaking the conventional performance in category, art and gameplay, and bringing differentiated and novel experience to users.



while the competition of the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, strengthening r&d has become the consensus of the leading enterprises, and the innovative r&d investment in the niche segments has become a strong driving force pushing the industry towards the goal of higher quality. friendtimes will come out with a unique development path in the increasingly competitive game industry and open up a broader development space with its advanced insights and r&d power.