2021-04-09 13:41:08

on april 8, 2021, the collective exhibition of the fieldwork in western china, “west wind·east wind”, was held by the school of art of soochow university in the art museum of the school. invited to attend the opening ceremony, friendtimes had an in-depth exchange with the students and professors from the school of art and the department of fashion and costume design, enjoying the unique charm of the northwest culture and the fusion of two art styles.




the “west wind·east wind” exhibition fully showcases the works of the students and professors about their experience along the silk road. the thousand-year traditional western chinese elements and modern oriental style bring out the best in each other, inspiring the creation of new fashion designs and providing a valuable reference for friendtimes to understand the artistic aesthetics of the younger generation.




at the opening ceremony, the host gave a thorough introduction of the exhibition works and friendtimes, the invited enterprise, to the students, teachers, and guests of the university. as a new local culture and creativity enterprise in suzhou, friendtimes is a practitioner of cultural inheritance. the company is committed to creating original ip products with cultural characteristics and empowering the transformation of traditional culture. the interconnection and cooperation between universities and enterprises is a joined effort to create cultural products and spread the innovative development of oriental arts.



after the ceremony, leaders of the school, students, professors, and guests attended the exhibition. the works of art presented northwest elements including desert, dunhuang, smoke, clouds, wind and sand. imbued with passion and hard work, the exhibits are true embodiment of ingenuity, artistry and innovation, which echos what friendtimes has been practicing in the past decade.






the company worked with the university on the fashion design of “a story of lala's: rising star”, one of its new mobile games. drawing on the “artistic language” of the generation z, the cooperation explores the workplace clothing and the integration of traditional culture in modern fashion design. at the same time, the company uses efficient digital communication to promote the transformation of artistic achievements, and provides a social practice platform for highly skilled talents in institutions, thus promoting the innovative development of the education industry.





keeping up with the times and never stop innovating have always been the core ideas of friendtimes’ development strategy. by cooperating with universities, friendtimes empowers the chinese art and culture together with young people, building cultural confidence and enriching the cultural value of creative products. in the future, friendtimes will continue to cooperate with universities and broaden the depth of cooperation. using its internet cultural creativity to its advantage, friendtimes will play a leading role in the industry, and conduct more exploration and innovation on the path of promoting chinese culture.