2021-04-26 13:48:30

friendtimes’ book club celebrated its second anniversary on april 22, 2021. the company held a lecture on the theme of “the culture of the hundred schools of thought in the spring and autumn period”. all the attendees had a great time as they experienced the spiritual ocean of literature. the lecture won loud applause in the auditorium.




adhering to the idea of strengthening culture construction, expanding employees' knowledge, and constructing good communication and learning atmosphere, friendtimes’ book club regularly holds book seminars and cultural lectures, providing a great platform to exchange ideas and knowledge. on the joyous occasion of the second anniversary of the book club, we are honored to invite mr. huan pu, the founder of qiming academy, jinglu academy and culture master club, as the keynote speaker. mr. huan pu has been studying chinese culture since his childhood. his profound attainments in chinese culture studies have inspired the students greatly.




profound in its nature, the hundred schools of thought created the first pinnacle of chinese civilization in the history of culture and art, among which the ten great schools of thought are particularly exceptional. mr. huan pu introduced the ideas of confucianism, taoism and legalism, and analyzed them in detail based on the social and historical background of the time.




in-depth exchanges were made on “how to better root traditional literature in modern media”. mr. huan pu talked about the idea of combining traditional culture with contemporary reality.


in addition to the knowledge of chinese traditional culture, the participants also learned about the optimistic attitude and the vigorous spirit behind the great wisdom of the culture. through mr. huan pu’s lecture, the participants had a deeper understanding of chinese traditional culture, laying a solid ideological and cultural foundation. in the future, we will continue on the road of culture learning, and keep promoting chinese traditional culture to the world with our quality game products.