2021-05-10 13:57:39

days ago, the publicity department of jiangsu provincial committee of the cpc announced the list of “top 30 private cultural enterprises in jiangsu from 2020 to 2021”, and friendtimes was listed among them. this is another important award for friendtimes after winning several provincial honors.




as one of the most authoritative selection programs in the field of cultural industry in jiangsu province, the “top 30 private cultural enterprises in jiangsu” is jointly organized by the publicity department of jiangsu provincial committee, the provincial department of culture and tourism, the provincial radio and television bureau, the provincial administration of market supervision, the provincial bureau of statistics and the provincial federation of industry and commerce. the list is based on a comprehensive assessment of the social and economic benefits of cultural enterprises. the enterprises on the list have made remarkable achievements in the fields of newspaper, publishing, film and television, art and new media, underpinning the high-quality development of the province's cultural industry.




use good content and innovation to produce quality products


“create value with culture” has always been the mission of friendtimes. based on the female user market and rooted in the local culture of suzhou, friendtimes uses the iterative products as the carrier, and integrates chinese traditional culture into the world.


with hard work and ingenuity, friendtimes has created many quality game products. the company’s latest rpg game, “fate: the loved journey”, has been well received since its launch on april 28th. in addition to developing products with traditional culture as the core value, friendtimes also focuses on expanding into other areas, such as immortal salvation, urban female growth, history and its derivatives, so as to meet the needs of different players.




balanced development and socioeconomic success


the 30 listed enterprises have all made breakthroughs in both market competitiveness and social responsibilities. friendtimes has also insisted on combining strong r&d advantages with profound cultural resources, and maximizing social benefits in the development.


in 2020, friendtimes achieved an annual revenue of 2.182 billion yuan from its main business, an increase of 29.2% year-on-year, and a net profit of 504 million yuan, an increase of 21.2% year-on-year. the company focuses on integrating excellent traditional chinese culture into its products and promoting the culture to a wider group of users in a modern way. in addition, friendtimes actively undertakes social responsibility. to achieve social and economic benefits at the same time, friendtimes has continued to give back to society, focus on the healthy development of youth, help to create a healthy gaming environment, and give assistance to people in need in remote areas...



make traditional culture international


with the accelerated pace of cultural outreach and the deepening of cultural penetration, china's excellent traditional culture is increasingly recognized by the world. globalization is the inevitable direction for the future development. friendtimes will keep building on past achievements and forge ahead into the future.


as the old saying goes, “the sky is the limit.” in the new round of development, friendtimes will continue to integrate culture and technology with innovation, and promote chinese ingenuity to the world.