2021-05-11 14:08:48

on may 11, 2021,the 11th anniversary celebration of friendtimes with the theme of "the best of times" was successfully held in friendtimes building. all staff gathered and sent sincere blessings to the company, sharing the joy and excitement of the 11th birthday of friendtimes.




since the establishment of friendtimes, it has always been moving forward with the spirit of pioneer and innovator, maintaining steady and strong development momentum and achieving remarkable success in the industry. looking back, from the launch of the company's first self-developed game in 2010 until its listing on the hong kong stock exchange in 2019, great achievements have been made, all of which cannot be accomplished without the unremitting efforts of each employee.




new residents of the building


the 11th anniversary of friendtimes coincided with the arrival of our new residents in the new building. and the company held a launching ceremony to welcome this new group of friends. the beautiful tank and fishes show the transparent, free, and dynamic cultural environment of the company, which attracts talents from different places to join this big family. our new friends surely will add fresh blood and vitality to the company.




find joy & have fun


the 11th anniversary celebration of friendtimes definitely included some wonderful activities. employees would get mysterious rewards by collecting likes in wechat moments. the building’s lobby is finely decorated and many employees came to take pictures. the cheerful smiles and laughters filled the room.






honorary awards for senior employees


the achievements of the company in the past 11 years cannot be accomplished without the joint efforts of all employees. in the special session of the 11th anniversary celebration, the company honored employees who have worked for 5, 8, and 10 years respectively with commemorative titles and exquisite customized gifts to thank them for the contributions they have made over the years.


these titles are the best affirmation and gratitude from friendtimes, and also an inspiration to all the staff at friendtimes.




wonderful tea break


it isn’t a successful celebration without the delicious afternoon tea. in addition to the beautiful birthday cakes, sweet cupcakes, coke, and delicious cookies were also offered to all the employees. while enjoying tea breaks and relaxing, everyone felt a sense of warmth and belonging.






past glory & bright future


the 11th anniversary of friendtimes is not just a simple birthday celebration, but also a display of the diverse corporate culture of the company. for 11 years, the company has been insisting on originality. in the future, the company will carry forward the traditional chinese culture and enhance the spiritual core and pursue the excellent quality of the products. we will show the charm of chinese culture to the world while promoting the development of our own corporate culture. great importance will be attached to the development of staff’s personality and value display, and a harmonious and progressive atmosphere will be created as well.


confucius once said, an educated gentleman cannot but be resolute and broad-minded, for he has taken up a heavy responsibility and a long course. eleven years of glory have become the past. standing in a new starting point, friendtimes will continue to advance one step at a time, make joint efforts, and create new glories!