2021-05-25 14:47:06

 jubilation ripples through friendtimes as the company’s latest chinoiserie masterpiece promise of lingyun has won the nod from china’s national press and publication administration (nppa), listed in the first batch gaining such approval in may.




classic calling the tune


an uprush of reviving traditional chinese culture has seen more competitors going “red ocean” on the open market of female gaze chinoiserie mobile games. friendtimes, an old-timer in the territory, with its time-honored prowess and originality-driven entrepreneurship, is now fitting for its new role as a forward-looker.




the newly endorsed work of art speaks for the company’s first endeavor in the role. featuring the texture of xuan paper, ink and wash, famille rose porcelain and all, the game unfolds before players’ eyes a world of traditional chinese painting on scrolls in 2-dimensional pictures. with its artistic combination of classical elegance in art style and refreshing lucidity in game style, it has achieved an integration of traditional chinese culture and the art of games.




rolled out in a chinoiserie fashion, promise of lingyun has got on with its in-depth interpretation of traditional culture by pulling off ingenuity in designing scenes, characters, music and all. referencing a considerable number of classic stereotypes, the game, with skill and ease, is representing an orchestration of images including delicate bridges over meandering water, blue tiles atop white walls, carved beams with painted rafters, lofty towers amid sumptuous halls, and instrumental music in traditional chinese style.




in addition to promoting traditional chinese culture, the developer has designed the gameplay and story with far-reaching connotations, in an attempt to bond with the players via the quintessence of great chinese culture and cherished values.


inspired by the “eight objects of elegance”, namely guqin, chess, calligraphy, ink and wash, poetry, drinking, gardening, and tea, the masterpiece reproduces the daily lives of the literati in ancient china. imbued with the spirit of the “eight merits”, it sheds light on the close bonds among mentors and mates that date back hundreds of years. in its every detail, the peaceful life of the ancient folks is revisited.





the creation comes up with a seminal connotation that aligns its duo narratives of both male and female protagonists with patriotism featuring current affairs including the fight against the epidemic. portraying the devotion of the doctors, it tells a story of the merits that have been valued for generations.






promise calling for the future


with craftsmanship, years of experience in r&d, and combination of the essence of ancient culture, the game-to-release is undoubtedly an exciting start for the developer in its new role. from fate of the empress to the new chinoiserie promise of lingyun, friendtimes adheres to its true mission of seeking for greater perfection through painstaking effort in cultural inheritance and innovation.




determined in carrying on its exploration in the field, friendtimes provides the market with quality works balancing between cultural inheritance and artistic expression. looking forward, the company will keep forging ahead with its ingenuity and with more great works that speak for the cream of the chinese culture.