2021-07-01 14:57:48

to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china, friendtimes carried out a series of thematic party building activities, including party history study and education, the great trilogy movie watching, and a visit to the revolutionary site, shajiabang, to deepen the learning of party history and enhance the cohesion of party members. those activities inspired all the staff to draw strength from the party’s tenacious struggle over the past 100 years, and channel it into actions in the construction of the enterprise.



chasing the light


friendtimes has implemented the party’s organizational line in the new era and is fully committed to embarking on a party-building project named light chasing with the purpose of conducting party building with enterprise characteristics. taking this opportunity, the company has striven to advance the project of party building, enabling the staff to bath in the glorious history of the party.


chasing the light means that friendtimes will firmly follow the footsteps of the party and keep in alignment with the central party’s leadership to move forward side by side with the party. the process involves the struggle of pursuing the light, approaching the light and emitting the light. the company will draw strength and wisdom from the century-old history of the party, stay confident in the path and ideal, and carry forward the spirit of the new era. with the light chasing project, friendtimes will promote the creative transformation and innovative development of our fine traditional culture and present to the world more profound culture with chinese characteristics, embodying chinese spirit and containing chinese wisdom.


lingering fragrance of books


on may 12, friendtimes participated in the series of activities themed remain true to your original aspiration hosted by the game publishing committee of china audio-video and digital publishing association to mark the 100th anniversary of the communist party of china, and donated thousands of books and school supplies to yan’an zaoyuan primary school.

by doing so, the company promoted the revolutionary spirit and put it into action. friendtimes hoped all the supplies would help improve the children's reading ability, further broaden their knowledge and horizons, making learning easier for the children in the revolutionary area.


centenary commemorations


on june 14, friendtimes organized a gathering in the library of the company’s office building to study the history of the communist party of china and gathered the party members to watch year hare affair, a historical patriotic animation, and exchanged their views afterwards.


in the library, everyone expressed their fervent feelings for the party. this party history study activity gave them the courage to face the difficulties at work and stimulated them to take more responsibilities in the future. under the guidelines of remaining true to the original aspiration, and keeping the mission firmly in mind, they will continue to work tirelessly and vigorously to make contributions to the development of the company.


learning the history through movies


to create a strong atmosphere of celebrating the centenary of the party, friendtimes has been showing a movie series named the great trilogy, namely the beginning of the great revival, the founding of an army, and the founding of a republic, since june 10. through these “red films”, we recalled the momentous years in history and paid the highest respects to our heroes.


the movies played to a full house and everyone was fully immersed in the revolutionary spirit conveyed by the movies. impressed and moved by the sincerity and righteousness of the revolutionary pioneers, thunderous applause echoed in the hall. friendtimes hoped that the movies could stimulate everyone's patriotic sentiment, help the employees to see the bigger picture at work. the company believes that the sense of responsibility and mission would help the staff achieve greater things in their future work.



red footprints, firm belief

on june 26, friendtimes set out with all the party members and some employees on a journey to the revolutionary site, shajiabang, to pay respects to the revolutionary martyrs and to commemorate the 100-year-long party history in the hope of consolidating the foundation of belief and inheriting the revolutionary spirit.


the crowd visited the shajiabang revolutionary history memorial hall with deep reverence. there they recalled the glorious history of the party and reviewed the excellent conducts of the revolutionary martyrs. the breathtaking pictures, pieces of objects with profound meaning, and a group of lifelike wax sculptures told the touching stories of the deep relationship between the army and the people of shajiabang, and the history of their anti-japanese struggle as well. the history inspired the company to follow the pace of the communist party of china, stick together with the party through thick and thin so as to inject constant momentum for the development of the enterprise.



unforgettable memories of history

"it is my will to join the communist party of china, uphold the party’s program, observe the provisions of the party constitution...", the oath was read loudly and clearly, expressing the infinite loyalty and love of all party members for the party. hearing the resounding oath of admission and the genuine commitment, all the party members’ heart started pounding with excitement.


on june 30, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, friendtimes established a political birthday roster for each party member, hoping to better enhance their sense of identity and keep the party's advancement and purity. the form of collective political birthday aimed to let everyone recall the cultivation process of the party, feel the care and warmth of the organization, and strengthen the sense of identity so as to further stimulate the political enthusiasm of the party members, inspiring them to move forward with their original aspirations.



striving to be stronger


from 1921 to 2021, the communist party of china has gone through 100 years of history. it is a course of struggle and exploration, and also the course of growth and refinement. as a saying in zhuangzi goes, "everything that has a great future might be insignificant at the beginning, but when the mission is accomplished, it will be known to all." only with the spirit of eternal struggle and striving can we keep moving forward and forge a glorious career together.


on july 1, all the party members in friendtimes watched the live broadcast of the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china, where the general secretary delivered a series of important speeches on the theme of achieving the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and stressed that "through the continued efforts of the whole party and the entire nation, we have realized the first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. this means that we have brought about a historic resolution to the problem of absolute poverty in china, and we are now marching in confident strides toward the second centenary goal of building china into a great modern socialist country in all respects.” upholding the spirit of the general secretary's speech and adhering to truth and the ideal, the company will bear the mission firmly in mind, continue to pass on the glorious tradition and strive to create a better future!



gain foresight through the glorious history


friendtimes will continue to carry out the revolutionary spirit of the new era, learn from the glorious history, and work with more enthusiasm and vigorous spirits. in the future, the company will stay true to its original aspiration, promote innovation under the leadership of the party to boost culture-driven development, and create more original quality products in multiple fields with high value and positive energy.