2021-07-20 15:08:18

on july 16, the second training session of the sip d-cultech elite symbiosis project was held at the archaeus classroom of the friendtimes building. liu xingliang, the vice-chairman of zhongguancun digital and artificial intelligence industry alliance and founder of the channel technology highlights, and liu xuefeng, the founder of fengxue weilai education technology co., ltd. and vip lecturer of suzhou yantu education & technology co., ltd., were the fifth and sixth guest speakers of this session.



the sip d-cultech elite symbiosis project was guided by sip publicity department and united front work department and sponsored by sip enterprise development service center. with the goal of serving the digital cultural enterprises in the sip and through the path of globalization, industrialization, and technologies, a multi-faceted cultivation system has been built for the growing enterprises and leading talents in the digital cultural industry in the sip. through systematic practical courses, private meetings with experts and directors, themed salons and industry matching, this project helps accelerate the development of cultural enterprises in the sip.


high-tech enterprises accounted for 20% of this project, including gazelle companies and technology-based smes, which covered most of the cultural enterprises in the sip. with an interactive and immersive visit to the cultural exhibition hall of friendtimes, the participants of the project got to experience the meticulous efforts and ingenuity the company had put in the creation of their products and have a profound understanding of the concepts and mission of friendtimes to adhere to cultural inheritance and innovation.




stick to the “internet plus” idea, let the product shine in the spotlight

the rapid development of the internet has brought unprecedented opportunities for marketing and product operation, and at the same time, great challenges. in the fifth session, liu xingliang gave an in-depth analysis on the topic of "a talk about the logic of internet cultural product operation through video channels". he said that with the popularization and development of the internet, new media have made huge impacts on many fields and industries. and to get improvement in the "internet plus" era, we must strengthen the internet way of thinking, choose the right materials and forms to depict a good story, and make the best use of the new media platform to achieve a higher web traffic conversion rate. only when connecting the users through the internet way of thinking can we make the culture-related products stand out, so that more of china's excellent culture could bloom the glory of their times.




ceaseless study and innovation to achieve cross-industry collaboration


in the ever-changing era of big data, the importance of continuous learning and innovation should be deeply embedded in each entrepreneur’s mind. in the sixth session, zhang xuefeng, the founder of fengxue weilai and also a weibo education influencer with more than 20 million followers, interacted with the cultural enterprise executives in a humorous manner and shared his experience and thoughts on learning and starting a business. in terms of learning, zhang said his favorite way is through reading. and he believed that only through continuous learning could he learn different kinds of knowledge and understand the development and changes in various industries. meanwhile, innovation is the other key factor in development. an innovative and active spirit would increase the vitality of enterprises and drive their sustainable development.


about the question where the development of enterprises is going, zhang said that with the ever-upgrading of consumption, people put more emphasis on the quality and diversity of life, and their acceptance and recognition of local culture and brand value have been improved, which has driven enterprises to dive into the core of traditional chinese culture, focus on cross-industry collaboration, rapidly establish brand awareness among users, further expand the brand audience, and achieve the sharing of market resources in various industries through strong alliances and mutually beneficial means.




establish a cultural platform and explore the multi-field symbiosis

the project has built a cultural exchange platform for enterprises, to provide a channel for further communication and new energy for enterprise development. friendtimes, as the organizer of this training session, discussed in depth with the present enterprise representatives about the development path of cultural and creative enterprises. a consensus was reached in the discussion that the development requires the full use of digital means to optimize the ip images of traditional culture formed in the existing cultural industry chain, and excellent original ip products should be supported with strong cultural values. insisting on digital technology innovation as the core driving force and the internet as the carrier, we actively invest in digital cultural products, promote the ip-ization of traditional culture with the help of digital culture, and deepen the exploration of ip multi-field symbiosis.




dive into the traditional culture and develop a new pattern of enterprises

in the future, friendtimes will keep working on producing original products, further study the rich heritage behind suzhou local culture, and fully explore the historical and cultural resources in this area to empower the jiangnan culture and drive the new cultural and creative industry with technology and culture. at the same time, the company will show a more forward-looking attitude, press home the advantage of its unique "technology culture" industrial chain, effectively integrate and allocate internal and external resources, emphasize digital creative talent training and cross-industry diversified development, constantly expand the industrial boundary and develop a new pattern of industrial development to make greater contributions to the internationalization of jiangnan culture.