2021-08-05 15:28:49

minors are the future builders of the country. protecting their physical and mental health and regulating their reasonable use of network services are important responsibilities shouldered by friendtimes. recently, laws and regulations like the newly revised “law of the people's republic of china on the protection of minors” and the “notice on preventing the minors from indulging in online games” released by national press and publication administration have provided more comprehensive guidance on preventing minors from being addicted to online games and regulating their use of the internet.

taking the protection of minors as a key topic of continuous concern, friendtimes attaches great importance to the guidance of the physical and mental health development of minors. and through technical research and development, our company keeps making progress on the protection of minors. starting with the aspects of real-name authentication, game login, gaming hours, in-game purchases, etc., we have built and kept improving an online game anti-addiction real-name authentication system supplemented by online game monitoring system of the guardians of minors and a special complaint channel for minors as safeguards. this comprehensively constructed protection system for minors can strengthen the prevention of minors addicted to the network and help them use network services in a more proper way, which helps create a healthy gaming environment.


implementation of online game anti-addiction real-name authentication system

since 2014, friendtimes has started to promote the real-name registration of online game user accounts and has implemented it in all its games. meanwhile, relevant measures have also been carried out in the games to limit the time and money underage users spend on games.

after a long-time operation and exploration on the protection of minors, friendtimes has kept updating relevant technologies, improving control measures, and regulating users through real-name authentication to further protect their rights and interests, thereby deterring problems like identity theft and fake numbers to effectively identify minors and protect them. in the meantime, friendtimes technically realized data sharing of cross-game purchases under the same account to regulate and limit the purchase amount of underage players, guiding them to have a reasonable consumption and a healthy gaming experience.

at the beginning of this year, friendtimes cooperated actively with the publicity department of the central committee of the communist party of china and connected to the national online game anti-addiction real-name authentication system led by it. now all of our online games are under this system and our players’ information and identities have been reported and verified. friendtimes also actively responded to the relevant policies of the group standard of “online games appropriate age reminder” initiated by the game working committee of china music and digital association, making preparations and adjustments for the online games successively.


joint efforts with parents

from january to april in 2018, friendtimes started to actively promote online game monitoring system of the guardians of minors and make joint efforts with parents to help with the healthy growth of minors. parents can monitor their children’s login time, gaming hours, consumption, and other behaviors in real time by binding their game accounts on our official website. besides, they can also supervise their children online by forbidding them to play games, setting game time, etc. a reasonable game plan set by parents could help prevent minors from over-indulging in games. in the same year, this system became available on the phone, which made it more convenient for parents to give their children a healthier gaming experience.


a green channel for minors in games set up

in order to better implement relevant provisions of minors’ internet protection in the “law of the people's republic of china on the protection of minors” and efficiently deal with minors' gaming problems, a green channel of the highest priority for minors' complaint processing has been set up in the customer service center. and there are guidelines on official platforms such as the official website, customer service center, and wechat public account.

friendtimes has always been committed to promoting the implementation and improvement of the protection mechanism for minors and integrating the concept of social responsibility into product design and services. with the mission of "create value with culture", the company has been continuously making breakthroughs and actualizing market differentiation at the same time. and to positively respond to the national "belt and road" initiative, friendtimes fully supports the development of trade in cultural services, aiming to make more contributions to "cultural export". in the future, friendtimes will continue to support relevant national regulatory measures and calls, continuously develop and upgrade technologies, improve the intelligent account authentication management system, effectively carry out the supervision of underage groups on the basis of protecting user privacy, and contribute to the protection of minors and social development.