2021-08-24 14:48:48



as the most influential trade show in the international digital entertainment industry, chinajoy 2021 - china digital entertainment expo and conference 2021 will be held from july 30 to aug 2, 2021 at shanghai new international expo centre. on the occasion of the event, friendtimes has officially confirmed its participation in the 2021 chinajoy and will bring the latest new game a story of lala's at the btoc area [n2-06]!


presenting the vigorous vitality of china's flourishing digital entertainment industry, chinajoy expo showcases online games, mobile games, console games, comic & animation, online literature, e-sports, hardware products related to digital entertainment. it allows game companies to directly interact with and conduct demonstrations for game players.


big debut of the new game


a story of lala's, the first female workplace rpg of friendtimes, will make its first public debut at the exhibition. it is an adaption of the novel of the same name, with the focus on female workplace life, and the innovation on the gameplay has made the game more fun.


the engaging workplace genre and the inspiring story of lala’s rise have been proven favored by female gamers. players will explore and experience with the main character through a series of unknown events. different gameplays including vacation and shopping satisfy players' needs to collect and relax, while the promotions give a sense of purpose in the various stages of the game.

we are ready to wow the audience with the luring storyline, pop music and fabulous stage performance!




new try in urban growth genre


as an emerging cultural and creative enterprise, friendtimes has always been upholding the traditional culture and empowering the new in the integration of various cultures. the company has recently relocated the headquarters to dushu lake science and education innovation district. starting a new journey in the digital culture industry, the company has upgraded in software and hardware to provide a strong support for the corporate development.


a story of lala's, the company’s new benchmark game, seeks to explore the field of modern urban culture. the quality content is a guarantee to win the market. in the future, friendtimes will continue to bring more surprises to the market.


as a world-leading brand of digital entertainment show, chinajoy has been attracting global attention both inside and outside the industry. friendtimes will conduct cross-platform communication and cooperation with other exhibitors in the field of pan-entertainment to explore more possibilities.




with an excellent track record in the business, the upcoming 2021 chinajoy has a lot to show and expect. friendtimes is looking forward to meeting you at btoc [n2-06]!