2021-11-26 16:40:21

the "top 100 chinese internet enterprises with comprehensive strength of 2021" was officially announced today. friendtimes inc. is listed as one of the three companies from suzhou.




the "top 100 chinese internet enterprises with comprehensive strength" is an impartial and authoritative evaluation of internet enterprises. the evaluation adopts a multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation method, incorporating the compliance and social benefits of enterprise operation into the evaluation, maintaining fairness, objectivity and neutrality, constantly improving the degree of correlation between the evaluation results and the market, and conducting a comprehensive and rigorous study of the development status of china's leading enterprises in the internet industry. the presence of friendtimes on this list fully reflects the high evaluation and recognition of its capacity of sustainable development from the government and all social sectors.




with the mission of "create value with culture", friendtimes has anchored on the precise market segment of female-oriented mobile games and has extensively laid out in the fields of beautiful ancient style, urban workplace, and their cultural and entertainment derivatives, continuously increasing its r&d investment and enriching its product line. at present, friendtimes has developed and operated over 70 different versions of more than 30 products. its popular games such as "fate of the empress", "promise of lingyun" and "a story of lala's: rising star" have met the diversified and differentiated market demands, bringing users a more diversified "ninth art" experience.


friendtimes adheres to the correct value orientation, establishes the spirit of righteousness and innovation, takes advantage of its digital ip development, taps deeply into the outstanding cultural resources, and makes every effort to create original masterpieces with long life cycles, while continuing to expand its globalization strategy to help promote chinese culture "go global".


while developing and growing, friendtimes always gladly undertakes social responsibility. on the important issue of anti-addiction of minors, friendtimes actively responded to the regulatory measures and calls of national authorities, fully accessed the national real-name authentication system and improved the anti-addiction system, and is striving to create a clean and healthy online environment. in addition, friendtimes intently participates in social welfare undertakings, such as helping leukemia teenagers, assisting left-behind children in rural areas, donating supplies to poor rural areas, containing the covid-19 pandemic, helping with the flood relief in henan province, etc., taking the initiative to act and fulfill its social responsibility.


facing the new trend and format of the internet industry, friendtimes will, as always, stick to its original intention and mission, improve quality, efficiency, and core competitiveness, carefully build the overall development matrix of the company, share the chinese story, and spread chinese culture. friendtimes will keep self-discipline and self-reflection, prioritize social benefits, strive to make high-quality development in a faster manner, and build a new internet enterprise with market value and influence.