2021-12-01 09:48:25

the 2021 annual best games election (golden plume award) is over. friendtimes, after months of fierce competition, takes home two awards: “players’ favorite mobile game” for fate of the empress, and “player's most anticipated mobile game” for promise of lingyun.




the golden plume award, known as the “oscars of gaming” for its authority and prestige, is the grand occasion of the game industry and gives the players across the country what they want to see. and for the two games achieving this distinction, friendtimes has yet again proved its leading position in the female-oriented ancient-style mobile games.


fate of the empress, the original ancient-style mobile game of friendtimes, has made breakthroughs and innovations based on the previous game products. with its every aspect in antique and historic fashion, coupled with the trendy national cultural tide, the game builds a timeless classic world for players to explore and see all there is to see.

after winning “best original mobile game” in 2020, fate of the empress receives another golden plume award, which says a lot about the quality of the product.




as for the other award-winning game, promise of lingyun, friendtimes has adopted the ancient-style techniques and managed to restore the charm of chinese classical culture through scenes, characters, music and other aspects of design, showing players a unique world of wonder. since its official launch, promise of lingyun has received a lot of attention and expectation from players, and won the “most anticipated mobile game” in this year's golden plume award.




with all its achievements in the past, friendtimes doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. in the future, friendtimes will continue to rely on its strong r&d and operation team and bring more products rich in chinese culture to overseas.