2021-12-31 16:36:07

on december 26th, 2021, the 8th game appreciation awards ceremony hosted by games daily unveiled the winners online. friendtimes was awarded the "top game company of 2021" with its mobile game fate of the empress winning the "game of 2021" and a story of lala's: rising star the "most anticipated product of 2022".




the game appreciation award mainly promotes high-quality products and discovers potential ones in game-related industries, aiming at encouraging the development and creation of original chinese products, promoting earnestly the innovative transformation and development of chinese culture with games as a carrier, and inspiring devoted game developers to focus on and make great strides in their works.


as a leading mobile game developer, publisher, and operator in china, friendtimes persists in developing original, content-oriented, and high-quality games, and enriches product combinations in multiple fields. it has promoted the further transmission of traditional chinese culture by stabilizing the existing domestic market and expanding overseas market. with outstanding strengths and wide support from users, friendtimes won the "top game company of 2021" at the ceremony.




as friendtimes’ major product of ancient style, fate of the empress embodies its ancient background and cultural connotation in every detail of the game. it provides players with gameplays like diversified simulation, antique collection, home & social, etc. in a new relaxing way, enabling them to experience a highly-free ancient world with immersive stories. boasting profound cultural heritage and excellent performance, fate of the empress was awarded the "game of 2021", which demonstrates affirmation from all walks of life and its users!




a story of lala's: rising star, a game on women’s career, is the first of its kind developed by friendtimes. it is adapted from a novel of the same name and is highly consistent with the original work in terms of worldview, story line and characters. besides female-oriented gameplay, the game also adopts mini-games like dress-up, face sculpting, travels, and shopping, enhancing greatly the playability of the game. since its release, a story of lala's: rising star has received much attention and expectation from players, thus winning the "most anticipated game in 2022" award at the ceremony.




as a digital creative enterprise that undertakes the task of cultural transmission, friendtimes attaches a new meaning to products radiating traditional oriental charm. it makes cultural awareness take root in the young generation and promote traditional cultures in overseas market through digital innovation and development. in the future, friendtimes will keep adhering to the independent r&d and operation as well as its cultural mission so as to facilitate cultural transmission, classic inheritance, and cultural infiltration. meanwhile, it will stick to a competitive, diversified, and global strategy as well as further strengthen the localization at home and abroad, so as to export more high-quality products and contribute to china's cultural entertainment industry!